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Teaching English as a foreign language is one of the world’s largest educational expertise. The goal of teaching English is leering to communicate effectively and appropriately. According to our NCTB curriculum of primary level. English is considered as a skill based subjects. Now a day the concept of quality teaching is a much talked issue in our educational area. No doubt that quality of English teaching depends on various components but the teacher play a vital role hi this area.

This study was undertaken to dress the quality of English teaching at the primary level . This study has mainly focused on the present situation of ELT at primary level and role of primary teachers {English } in terms of their capacity to take English class , using teaching aids and methodology of English teaching..

Therefore the concentration of quality teaching is the main objective of the study.


A research objective is a specific statement which relating to the aim of research. The research objective summaries what is to be achieved by the study.

The main objective of this research is to identify the quality of English teaching at the primary level. On the basis of main objective the specific objectives were –

01.     To identify the teachers problem in teaching English at primary level.

02.     To identify the present condition of English teaching at primary level.

03.     To identify the pupils problem in learning English at primary level.

04.     To provide suggestion for improving of the quality of English teaching.

 Nature of the study:

The nature of the study is qualitative . This study also requires some sort of quantification for exploring the context properly.


The best method for any study is that which meets the research purpose and answer the research questions For this study the researcher was adopted survey method. For getting date, different Types of tools will-be designed for the study. A brief note on sample tools procedure of Data collection and analysis is presented here under.

 Sampling techniques:

We know that sample is the part of population which represent the characteristics of population. Population of this research were English teachers and students at the primary Level, school of Bangladesh. To select the sample from the population cluster sampling technique was used.


For achieving objectives teachers, pupils arid classroom observation were taken as the sample . The sample 30 Primary schools of different categories and 60 teachers were selected purposively and randomly selected 360 students of different schools belonged to this group.

Table : Schools, Teacher and Students

Sample for data collection

Category of Primary Schools

Number of Schools

Number of Teachers

Number of Students taken under consideration

Total Students




1. Govt. Primary Schools







2. Reg. Govt. Primary Schools







3. Non Reg. Primary Schools














 Data Collection tools:

Three tools, were used to collect data from different sample groups. One questionnaires for English teacher. One questionnaires for students, English classroom observation check list has been made to know the present situation of teaching learning process at primary level . For in depth study focus group discussion were conducted both English teacher and the student of primary level.

 Data Generating Process:

For the data generating process the survey method used to observe the quality of English teaching at primary level in Bangladesh. In this study I have interviewed each English teacher separately through Open-ended questionnaires. The students of primary level were also interviewed by the same process.

In order to know the present condition of English teaching classroom observation check list has formed. This checklist mainly focused on teaching methods, technique, and using of teaching aids during classroom teaching. This checklist also focused on classroom environment, physical facilities teacher-students ratio, their interaction and different types of component which are related with quality teaching. However to know the depth information I have conducted focus group discussion with both English teacher and students at primary level.

Result of pilot test

Pilot test has done on a small group of learners and teachers at the primary level of Bangladesh. At the Early stage there were twenty questions in the question paper which was selected for the English teacher of primary level. Some questions were open ended and some questions were close ended.

After pilot test it as observed that some questions were really difficult for the teachers. They answered these questions in such a way which was not correct in sense. Under considering the all condition both teacher’s problem and the main objective of the study the questionnaires has for made again, which contains seventeen questions.

On the other hand 30 students of primary level were selected for this pilot test. Students were asked – how their view about English? How English is difficult from other subjects and what their opinion about English teacher?

At the first step there were fifteen question in the question paper which was select for those students. It was evident form the student’s response that they were unwilling to say any negative attitude towards their teacher and they were unable to understand some of questions.

So considering the all conditions the questionnaires has formed again which contains thirty questions. However the checklist that was used for the pilot test was based on teaching learning process in the classroom.

Teaching English

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