Husband wife Relationship
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Husband wife relationship based on marriage. Through marriage a man and a woman become Husband wife respectively. Marriage is an oldest tradition of mankind. No society is found where there is no some from of marriage system. Islam denounces celibacy and encourages marriage.

Successful marriage and family depends on relationship between husband and wife. It is a mutual thing. Both have the rights as well as obligations. Sound relationship depends on following major factors:


a)      Love and respect.

b)      Adjustment with each other nature.

c)      Partnership approach.

d)     Sincere to mutual rights and obligations.

 Purpose of marriage

  1. To satisfy emotional and biological needs.
  2. It is a means of legitimate procreation/giving birth to children.
  3. For love mental peace and tranquility.
  4. For companionship and support.
  5. For building family and society.

The Holly Quran says:

“He (Allah) created for you mates from among you selves that you may dwell in tranquility with them and he has put love and mercy between your hearts.”(30:21)

“And Allah has made for you mates of your own nature and made for you, out of them sons and daughters, and grand children-“(16.72)

Husband’s obligations to his wife:

  1. Good behavior: The best man is he who is best and kindest to his wife. Therefore acting kindly to one’s wife is a great obligation.
  2. Maintenance: Husband must maintain the family.
  3. Companionship and giving time to wife.
  4. Not to hate but love.
  5. Not to talk to others about private affairs of conjugal life.
  6. Not to abuse or revile, not to hurt mentally or physically.
  7. To honors and respect wife’s close relatives and friends and be hospitable to them.
  8. To ignore wife’s mistakes in most cases.
  9. A Muslim husband should guide his wife to lead an Islamic life.
  10. On returning home a husband should not center the house without first tell his family of his arrival by ringing the bell or knocking the door. If a husband comes from distant place he must inform his family of his arrival.
  11. Not to ignore wife’s sentiments, need and problems.
  12. Not to take wife’s income or property without her free consent.
  13. A Muslim husband must pay wife’s dowry or muhar according to marriage contract.
  14.  Not to give pressure one’s wife for earning because it is the duty of husband to maintain the family.
  15. It is good conduct to help the wife in household activities.
  16. In case a wife works outside husband should consider her business and tiredness and should not expect everything from her as is possible from a simple housewife. Rather both husband and wife should reach an understanding regarding the household duties and management. if wife shares family income husband should shares household duties as much as possible.

Wife’s obligation: 

  1. Loyalty and respect to husband.
  2. To do best to keep her husband pleased to her.
  3. To look after the family and husbands property in absents of husband.
  4. She must not refuse when her husband calls her.
  5. Without the permission of husband a Muslim wife must not fast voluntary.
  6. Not to allow anyone that her husband does not want to enter the house without his permission.
  7. A wife may not give anything away of husband’s property without his permission.
  8. A wife should avoid asking husband extra money or for that which a does not process and cannot provided. Wife should show that gratitude what ever is given.
  9. A wife should discuses family problem with her husband at appropriate time.
  10. A wife should honor and respect husband close relatives and treat then with kindness.
  11. Too many arguments and disputes with a husband in fact lead to hatred and deterioration of the relationship.
  12. Wife must not others about privet matter between husband and wife.
  13.   Wife should show respect with sympathy to her husband parents and must not try to pursue her husband so that he becomes reluctant to or forget his duty towards the parents. it is an evil act to compel husband to leave his parents.

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