Labor Law in Bangladesh

labor law it is easily say able that we the people of Bangladesh are not too much respected to the law. People do not as obedient to the law as they supposed to be. In the question of labor law there are The Factory Act 1965, which one is the establish labor law of our country. Beside this our country also obeys the rules and regulations of united nation regarding the labor or these types of community.

There are labour laws pertinent to health issues of garment workers in Bangladesh. The laws cover work hours, wages, sick leave, maternity leave and benefits, compensation and other working environment related issues. Because of the lack of implementation and/or violation of the laws, workers often suffer from health hazards both at work and at home. The problem is compounded by the fact that workers are unaware of many of the laws and the benefits they are entitled to because of lack of education and resources. The Bangladesh government, garment employers and different international and national NGOs have important roles to play in reducing the health hazards of workers. The paper discusses different types of illnesses and through narratives of women garment workers explores health hazards experienced by them. It also suggests solutions for policy-makers, NGO activists, employers and workers.

The labor law of Bangladesh contains and formed on such factors which are mentioned bellow-

  •  Preliminary
  •   Health and Hygiene
  •   Safety
  •   Welfare
  •   Working hours of Adults
  •   Child Labor
  •   Leave and Holidays with Wages
  •   Special Provisions
  •   Penalties and Procedures

Since we are working with the garments industries and there are some specific Export Processing Zone (EPZ) areas for the foreign investors in Bangladesh and there are some specific laws, which refer the conditional relationship between the workers and the employers of the Export Processing Zone (EPZ). The laws are covering some certain areas are-

An Act to Make Provisions Relating to the EPZ Workers Association and Industrial Relations whereas it is expedient and necessary to enact law in order to make provisions for recognizing the right of the workers to form association, regulation of relations and settlement of differences or disputes arising between employers and workers in the Export Processing Zones and for matters connected therewith and ancillary thereto.

It is hereby enacted as follows: -


  • Short Title, Extent and Commencement
  • Overriding Effect of the Act
  • Inability to Exempt From Any Provision of the Act

Workers Representation and Welfare Committee.

  • Special Definition of Eligible Worker
  • Registration and Status of Workers Representation And
  • Welfare Committee
  • Rights and Functions of the Committee
  • Meeting of the Committee
  • Association
  • Unfair Practices, Agreements, Etc.
  • Conciliation And Arbitration
  • Penalties And Procedure
  • Epz Labour Tribunal, Appellate Tribunal, Etc.
  • Miscellaneous
  • Indemnity
  • Bar To Linkage with Political Parties
  • Transitional and Temporary Provisions
  • Reference to CBA and WA to Include Committee
  • Monitoring of Referendum and Elections

Labor Law in Bangladesh


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