Meditation for a good sex life
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Many people complain about their sex life. In general they complain that they are facing problems during sex , such as: lacking of confidence , no satisfaction , premature ejaculation, performance problem etc. This is all because our body and mind are not relaxed which leads us towards a bad sex life.

Meditation very effective in reducing stress by decreasing cortical and stress hormones within the body. Besides reducing the stress hormones, mediation increases endorphins or “feel good” hormones within the body.

So how does sex appeal factor in with meditation. First, let’s consider the mind-body connection. If you achieve meditation’s benefits of better health, less stress and greater joy, that will show up in your appearance. People will see you as vibrant and positive.

Meditation also helps increase your sex appeal by keeping you focused. People who meditate learn to be mindful. They find it easier to keep their attention on a particular state of being.

“Have sex, stay happy, and enjoy a balanced and harmonious life.” It is always better to have the same partner these experiences can be shared with. While maintaining a good balance and harmony, continue meditation, right thinking and actions, and enjoying your life. Soon you will have complete control over any emotions, and much of the creative sexual drive will have automatically been converted into a different and loving energy, for yourself and anything or anyone else in your life.

You will find that you both feel a deep sense of relaxation, peace, and loving energy and connection with each other – and without any remaining sexual tension between the two of you.

The exercise can be done as often as you wish, but works its absolute best if you have both refrained from regular sex for at least two weeks beforehand – then the feelings of the “Streaming” energy is much more powerful, and the female may well experience several very satisfying orgasms during the exercise.

Meditation for a good sex life

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