Meditation for depression
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Meditation for depression is an excellent way to deal with the various effects of the disorder. Depression is a condition that lies in the mind. It is not caused by anything else but by flawed perceptions that eventually consumes the individual who is affected and results in a range of unmanageable symptoms. Meditation is all about being in control of your mind. Meditation helps you to reflect or ponder over the various stresses of life without becoming too overwhelmed, in a methodical manner. It also teaches you to free your mind. The ability to think about nothing is a challenging one to master but once accomplished, it can free you from unnecessary worry that does not solve anything.  “Worrying is using your imagination to create something that you do not want” Esther Hicks.

For the beginner new to meditation, you can start by practicing a simple breathe meditation or perhaps enjoy a guided meditaiton where you are provided with a story to follow along in your mind and then your’re left with a period of silence for you to release any unwanted thoughts or emotions.  These are just two types.

There are many other types of meditation depending on what you are looking to achieve. You can use meditation to reflect and think on a deeper level or to simply empty your mind as forementioned.  Meditation has a way of making things clear in your mind.  It helps you to see things on another dimension and can provide a differing perspective for you to consider.  Another reason why meditation is recommended to allievate some of the symtoms of depression is to provide relief from some of the thinking stress that has been creating in your thoughts.   Stress is a chronic issue that has potentially serious consequences on our health.  Meditation allows you the opporutnity to let go of anything that may be causing you stress and assists you to feel relaxed and focused again.  In some instances just focusing on some beautiful music may provide you enough distraction to divert your thinking to a better feeling place.

For serious depression, it is recommended that you do seek out professional treament however if you combine meditation with your health professionals recommendation, I believe you will find great comfort from within.

Meditation for depression

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