Meditation For True Happiness
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Meditation is the key to discovering your true identity which lies in deep in your consciousness beyond your mind, intellect, and ego. Meditation allows you to discover, and most importantly, experience, that part of you that transcends space-time, cause and effect; the part of you that’s immortal, your core consciousness.

Meditation is the art of falling in love. There is not one woman who is right for every man. There is also not one meditation object that is right for everyone. You need to have an object that you can fall in love with, relax into and merge with.

Meditation confirms that true happiness is found with us. The feelings of satisfaction and completeness that we often seek outside ourselves are actually part of our basic personality.we Sorry to say, we have become so used to looking outside of ourselves for happiness that we often do not know how to find out this inner wealth. However we all have the potential to find a deep and durable happiness that does not depend on external conditions

People also turn to meditation, I’ve found, because they want to make good decisions, break bad habits, and bounce back better from disappointments. They want to feel closer to their families and friends; more at home and at ease in their own bodies and minds; or part of something larger than themselves. They turn to meditation because human lives are full of real, potential, and imagined hazards, and they want to feel safer, more confident, calmer, and wiser.

The practice of meditation wakes us up to the joy of the present minute. By enlightening attention and awareness meditation helps us in difficult situations like chronic pain, destructive thoughts and difficult emotions. It can be transformed into sources of inner peace and happiness. This inner renovation does not require us to retreat from the humanity. Our daily life is filled with endless opportunities to use the practice of mindfulness to find the value of every moment.

In concern happiness is an inner experience that simply occurs rather than one that is sought after. Happiness that we seek and work to obtain requires maintenance.

According to these researchers, it’s the release of neurotransmitters in the seat of higher thinking, the pre-frontal cortex, which changes the brains set-point for happiness. Meditation stimulates the release of neurotransmitters, including opiates, serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine. So, we now know that happiness isn’t some elusive emotion, it’s a physiological state which can be studied and measured.

The best way to tap into the field of true happiness has been said to be through eyes-closed silence. Taking the mind beyond surface thinking and into being willed essentially provide you with a direct experience of what it feels like to be one with Nature. It’s not that we have to stop the thoughts to get happy.

Meditation for true happiness

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