Questionnaire on Teachers Training in Secondary Level
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The problems and prospects of teachers Training in Secondary Level of Education in Bangladesh

Name of respondent:



Working Institution:

1.     Have you got training from any institution?

         Ans. a. Yes                   b.      No

2.     If your answer is `yes’ when have you got training?

a.   Pre-service             b.      In service

3.     What type of training have you got?

a.   Foundation             b.      B-Ed/M-Ed

c. Dip-in-Ed/c-in-Ed   d. Others

4.      What is the duration of your training?


5.      Do you think, Teacher’s Training Institutes are sufficient

in Bangladesh?

a.   Yes                          b.      No

6.     Do, you think present training curriculum is satisfactory?

a.   Yes                          b.      No

7.     If you  think  ‘No’  why  training  curriculum  is  not satisfactory?


8.      Have you got opportunity for implementing of training knowledge in the institution?

a.   Yes                          b.      No                 c.             Very few

9.     Do you think training can change the teaching skin positively?

a.   Yes                          b.      No.                c. Party

10.   Do you think a trained teacher can grow attention of learners?

a.   Yes                          b.      No

11.   Do you think efficiency of classroom Management can be increased by training?

a.   Yes                          b.      No                c. Partly

12.    “Training   can   increase   the   quality   of   education” comment on it?

a.   Yes                          b.      No

13.   After  training  have  you   modernized   your   teaching method?

a.   Yes                          b.      No

14.   If you say 6Yes’ what method have you applied in classroom now?


15.   Do you think trained teachers can change the results of internal or public       examination positively?

a.   Yes                          b.      No

16.    If you say ‘yes’ mention the percentage of change?


17.    Do you think training is necessary for quality education?

a.   Yes                          b.      No

18.    Which time is appropriate for getting training?

a.   Pre-service             b.      in-service         c.         Both

19.    Which duration of training is optimum for training?

a.   6 Months                b.      10 months

c.   12 months               d. others

20    Comments on training and quality education?


Thank you for cooperation .



Questionnaire on The problems and prospects of teachers Training in Secondary Level of Education in Bangladesh:

Questionnaire for the students   :

Name                                               :

Class                                                :

Name of the institutions               :

(Please Tick)

1.         Do you that your class room is very fine?

Yes                       No

2.         Are you happy with your curriculum?

Yes                       No

3.         If the answer no, why?

(a)       Not modern                           (c)       Books are not available

(b)       Not systematic                      (d)       Others

4.         Do you have available teachers for conducting every course?

Yes                       No

  1. Are you satisfied with the examination system?

Yes                       No

6.         Do you enjoy your classroom teaching?

Yes                       No

7.         Does every trainee go college regularly in your institution?

Yes                       No

8.         Do you think that we need more TTC?

Yes                       No

9.         What is your father & Economic condition?

(a)       Very good

(b)       good

(c)       Not good

(d)       Not good at all.

10.       Are you getting all kind of educational facilities from your institution?

Yes                       No

to ensure better analysis

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