Social Equilibrium
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Social equilibrium where there is a dynamic working balance among its interdependent parts. Equilibrium is a dynamic concept, not a static one. The system is like a sea : There is continuous motions & even substantial disruption from storms, but over time the sea’s basic character changes very little.

When minor changes occur in a social system, they are soon absorbed by adjustments within the system & equilibrium is regained. On the other hand, a single significant but rapid change may through out of balance, seriously reducing its forward progress until it can reach a new equilibrium. In a sense, when it is in disequilibrium, its parts are working against one another instead of in harmony.

Example – Culture is the reflection of a country. When culture is balanced means it is followed equally by the countryman that means that culture is in an equilibrium position.

Cultural program of Bangladesh are- Eid- days, first baishak, victory day, independent day, shahid vashadibos etc. If minor changes occur on Bangladesh’s culture like if we celebrate the women day, mothers’ day, etc. then it doesn’t effect on our traditional culture. Besides these cultures we can also celebrate our traditional culture. If major changes occur on Bangladesh’s culture like celebrating the 31st night, friendship day, Valentines Day, etc or following another country’s culture for long it may have bad effect on our traditions & culture. It even might destroy our traditional culture. Such as the India – they not now on their own culture or on the western culture.

Social Equilibrium

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