Independence to Students and Entrepreneurs
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Students and youngsters are no doubt the most valuable assets of any society. If not put to use or counseled properly, it will end up nothing but wasted. This young lot is always looking for opportunities to nurture themselves and their inquisitive ideas. Very few platforms stand up and provide these young minds their due. It appears that a leading online marketplace Kaymu is doing this job as it is ought to be done. Empowering the students and budding entrepreneurs through this online selling and buying platform, it could only be termed as but savior of the society’s potential asset. The future belongs to these two strata: students and entrepreneurs. Where former is always full of innovative ideas, ready to take off to experience new adventures, the latter is often found looking for some sustainable platforms.

Internship Drives for Students

What students need is ample exposure to practical side of their learning along with the theory they learn inside classrooms. Some of the possible ways to make students get used to the professional environment is to offer them internship programs. This is what Kaymu has been up to since its inception. Offering diverse internship programs to the potential students who are either interested in the e-commerce or want to acquaint themselves with the online world in general. Kaymu teams go college to college to hunt down the potential interns.

A Nurturing Ground for Entrepreneurs

This is the area in which Kaymu have had their keen attentions on. The communities that are not accustomed to e-commerce are always reluctant to jump into this new world. What they need is proper information that could answer and avert their reservations regarding this area. Kaymu, being one of the largest marketplaces in several countries have taken the matter seriously and offers multiple workshops and training sessions for those who want to experiment with their ideas and do certain start-ups.

Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

The Kaymu leadership strongly believes in women empowerment and gender equality. For that they started a women entrepreneurship drive earlier this year. The passionate response increased the belief in gender equality as many women were denied the chance of entering this world of e-commerce. By sitting at your home, you can operate and eventually earn money, if you have something to offer.




This Article post was written by Nimrah Shahid

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