General Banking Operation of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited.(Chapter-6)
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Internship position & Duties

Throughout my internee period I have worked with more or less all the CSO (Customer Service Officer) and try to help at my level best to help them in their work. So basically I know more about general banking. The tasks that I have done throughout my internee period are given below:

6.1 Account Opening Section:

I have started my internee with responsibility of Customer Service Officer. I was assigned to work with account opening department. In a whole day I have to open more than 10 accounts. Customer account opening is a lengthy process. If the customers have the documents that she/ he is needed to open that particular; he or she must fill an account correctly. If there is any problem found in the fulfillment of the from is wrongly filled, the from will be return on next day. So the form must be filled correctly. If all the things are right, the CSM give the permission to open the account. They have to fill up a KYC (Know Your Customer) from to have more idea about the customer. The main purpose of this from is to give all necessary information regarding the account, like the charges, benefits and if any specific inquiry the customer ideas.

I also open FDR account, DPS, different type of account like-

  • Mudaraba Short Notice Deposit
  • Account Mudaraba Savings Account
  • Mudaraba Term Deposit Account
  • Other Scheme Deposit Accounts

The process of opening an account is given in the flow chart below:

6.2 Clearing Section:

I have worked total more than 10 days in this section. The main responsibilities was received several cheques from their clients. I also attached in the front side of the cheque clearing seal and at the back side endorsement seal. My responsibility to ensure account number, account holder name, which bank’s cheque etc. After confirming this I sent this cheque to my boss. He was responsible for completing the other tasks.

6.3 Provide information of all types customers query:

I also provided information to all type of customer queries. Each day many people come to the branch with various types of problems. I tried my best to give them the proper information and try to solve their problem. Some of the information that I provided are given bellow:

  •   Account opening requirements, DPS related information, FDR information, some type of loan facilities different type of debit card related queries and their benefits.
  •   Give instruction for address change, signature change, and mandate instruction, nominee change, and account closing information, DPS closing information, FDR closing formalities, pay order, document issue and all type of queries.
  •   I also gave information of western union money transfer. I used to give information, like from which country the money can be sent and in which banks money can be received. I usually tell about the formalities or requirements to be maintained to receive the money.

6.4 Verification of signatures of different issue:

Verification of signature is very important for banking transaction. Because one of the important proves to be an account holder is the signature. It was also a risky issue. I used to verified signature for different issues, like-

  • For balance inquiry.
  • For stop payment instruction.
  • For address change, nominee change, mandate instruction, signature change.
  • For cheque book delivery.
  • For DPS, MSD, SND, FDR account opening.
  • For DPS, MSD, SND, FDR certificate delivery.

6.5 Learning Points:

I have learnt so many things about the banking sector especially Islamic banking system. Now, it is very clear to me how Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited operates their operation in this country. I explain this as follows:

  • How to open their several account in their bank?
  • What are the requirements for opening their account?
  • How to provide information to their client?
  • How clients can gather their account statement and know to balance?
  • What are the procedures to close an account?
  • How cash sections provide the service to their clients?
  • How clearing house operates their operation?
  • I was not well informed about PO but after the completion of internship program the mechanism of this has been clear to me.
  • How to prepare different company’s salary sheet by using their software?
  • Finally, I learned how to prepare an internship report?



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