Project Budgeting of Bengal Creations Limited

Project Budgeting of Bengal Creations Limited

Bengal Creations Ltd. is one of the successful and ideal sister concern of Bengal Foundation. The company started its journey from 2013. From the beginning, this organization produces and distributes specialty films. The main aim is advancing in the country’s cinema exhibition, promotion and distribution infrastructure. The goal of this organization is to contribute to the development of the cinema condition in Bangladesh.


Bengal Foundation, a private trust, began its journey in the late eighties. The founder Abul Khair personal regard for the arts coupled with his vision of projecting a culturally rich Bangladesh that will rise above the typical portraiture of a country steeped in flood and famine, led to Bengal Foundation’s initial sojourn. In the course of its work the Foundation has been abetted by an enlightened body of creative thinkers. After more than twenty years on the trail, Bengal Foundation’s work now encompasses different forms of visual and performing arts. Music, movie, literature and painting, however, remain its central concerns. Bengal Foundation is wholly funded by the internal resources of a local business house, Bengal Group. Whilst Bengal Group tries relentlessly to live up to its social commitment, Bengal Foundation continues to play a premium role in the cultural arena of Bangladesh. The Bengal Foundation Trust is registered with the Societies Registration Act of Bangladesh (1860).

They believe that passion for and a deep level of commitment to the arts can impact a society most positively. Nowadays Bangladeshi movie not running in right way in this reason Bengal Foundation take steps about this sector they establish Bengal Creations LTD. for film making purpose to provide new generation better entertainment. They take a series of initiatives centering on the visual arts, music, movie, literature and theatre form the backbone of Bengal Foundation’s endeavour to share the richness and diversity of Bangladesh’s heritage with others.


Bengal Foundation offers a various range of services. To capture international and local market it is essential to meet the demand for all type of audience. Here is a brief list of the services offered by the company.

  • Arts
  • Music
  • Film and Documentary
  • Publications


The role of the Human Resource Manager is to deal with the management of people within an organization. The manager is the most responsible person for hiring members of employees and ensuring that they perform to expectation. The manager also responsible for organization of people in the entire company and planning of future ventures that involves people in the organization. Human Resource Manager in Bengal Creations LTD. oversees employee relations, including determining salaries and wages, hiring employees and establishing employee performance objectives. The policies and procedures in regards to employee relations, which are synchronized by human resources management, are consistent with the overall business goals and objectives of the organization.


The account manager is the face of the service provider organization and is responsible for clearing understanding the clients’ needs and expectations. This makes the job of the Account Manager very crucial. The account manager be obliged to be a level headed person with strong communication skills and a pleasant personality. Here Bengal Creations LTD. the account managers are directly responsible to the group account director. Managers lead negotiation for new and Regeneration Company and direct strategy matters such as whether or not to accept certain accounts, especially if there is any risk that they may conflict with accessible accounts.


A creative director is a extremely important role in all of the arts and entertainment industries. In another sense, they can be seen as another ingredient in any product development process. In Bengal Creations LTD. it’s very much people-oriented job, involving development of high-level concepts for drawing projects. It also involves working with internal and external clients, pitching designs, and understanding client needs.


The objective of the project is to know about the project budgeting and what are the activities mostly done by this time. I think that in project budgeting time I pointed out this organization mostly use account practice and other activity. I tried my best to investigate and compare practical accounting practice and real circumstance. Lastly, I figure out the concise scenario of the organizations accounting practice and include some recommendations.


Primary Source: An organization’s data were collected through physical visit and conversation with official staff.

Secondary data: When I am preparing this report, for this time I was highly dependent on the information published in the Annual Reports, different journals and prospects of the organization.

Throughout the internship period I worked with Creative Director and Accounts Officer and earned experience of that organization. By working as a member of this organization, I had the opportunity to accumulate a lot of information; to some extent I had access to see company’s preparing project budgeting, fund requisition, project selection process and many more. It is importance to mention that, the members of the office were very informative. Moreover, studying in a university course, course text book and helpful information from online was supportive to accumulate theoretical knowledge with practical.


  • Estimating a necessary amount of financial resources and creating a project budget sheet.
  • Utilizing the authorized financial resources and executing the budget.
  • Viewing cost performance and controlling the budget.
  • Viewing changes to the cost baseline and making updates to the project budget sheet





Bengal Cinema Development Forum (Bengal Cholochittro Unnayan Forum) was launched on June 1 at the Bengal Café of Bengal Gallery, Dhanmondi. Appreciating the need for positive contribution to the Bangladesh film industry, the forum has undertaken a project, “Young Cinema Directors’ Project” to produce movies of young and talented filmmakers.

New and upcoming directors can, within the next three months, submit their scripts to the Forum for appraisal. The processing for investment and movie making will be continuing. The project aims to produce at least 20 movies a year and will invest a maximum of Taka Sixty Lacks for each movie. The executive and the advisory committees of the BFDF will decide on the final selection of the scripts.



International TV Premiere means the first public exhibition of a film in internationally and it is only on television. The Bengal Foundation main motive for introducing our Bengali culture in over the world. In this purpose they produce a movie for international market. For this reason those movie releases in International TV premiere. This is the best opportunity for a Bangladeshi movie for showing others country television.


Local TV Premiere means the first public exhibition of a film in nationally and it is only on television. The reason behind this release is Bangladeshi many companies want to introduce their new product or an existing product through those releases.

Because people are so much interested about those premier. This Bengal also gets some benefit from Local TV Premier.


The movie making company main target to release their movie in the hall. This is the ultimate goal because the hall is big screening also many people are watching the movie in the same place. Production house gets some information about future plan. Bengal Creations LTD. takes this opportunity to introduce their movie in hall release. They want to release movie in all over the country.


Marketing partners are one of the most important parts of a movie. Because marketing partners are responsible for the movie distribution. Bengal Creations LTD. After making the movie they give all the responsible marketing partners. The marketing partners may set the release date of a film and the method by which a film is to be exhibited or made available for viewing: for example, directly to the public either theatrically or for home viewing.


Bangladeshi movies that are particularly successful in international markets may be taken on by the large movie distribution companies for DVD releases. At the other end of the scale, many Bangladeshi movies are never given a DVD release outside of their home markets. The majority of those DVDs that are given an international release come out on specialist labels.


Bengal Creations LTD. has many goals to produce movie one of them is introduce own culture in the new generation thorough movie. New generation people are not so much well known about Bengali Culture but they want to learn about those things but those opportunities are limited. For this reason Bengal takes good initiative to showing their movie in School, College, University and Organize a movie festival for the student.


Before the release of Bengal Creations LTD. produces movie need to approve the title sponsor and other sponsor’s choice of date. This is the last stage; where the movie is released to cinemas or, infrequently, directly to consumer media or direct download from a digital media source. The film is duplicated as required and distributed to cinemas for exhibition. Press kits, posters, and other publicity materials are published, and the film is advertise and promoted.



In pre-production, all step of really creating the movie is carefully designed and planned. Bengal Creations LTD. is created and a production office established. The movie is pre-visualized by the director, and may be story-boarded with the help of illustrators and proposal artists. A production budget is drawn up to plan expenditures for the film. The director hires all crew. The nature of the movie, and the budget, agree on the size and type of crew used during film-making.


A shooting days is a project plan of each day’s shooting for a movie production. It is usually created and managed by the assistant director, who reports to the creation manager managing the production days. Both days represent a timeline stating where and at what time production resources are used. Bengal Creations LTD. Produce movie will be shooting in Bangladesh and India that need to complete with shooting part in 50 days.


Every prop that will appear in your movie must be pulled from the script and added to the props category in your breakdown sheets. A prop is distinct as anything your characters interact with, such as guns, cell phones, brooms, and so on. In this movie they try to borrow a prop because in this movie has lots of contemporary items. Bengal Creations LTD. usually rent all those items from a prop house.


Movie work sounds exotic, but the reality of the job is usually less exciting. Crew jobs require hard work and hours. In this movie crews work sporadically and network to connect with directors and producers putting projects together that helpful for the smooth working environment. Bengal pays their workers using professional trade salary scales. Those crew works for a movie making purpose are:

  • Production Workers

The movie making company hires production crews by the work necessary during the shoot. Vehicle wranglers supervise trucks and autos on the set. Many movie jobs, including special effects workers involving explosives, require the services of a approved operator, and this also influences the pay. Production workers receive pay for all production jobs on a union set based on stringent observance of the trade union salary schedule.

  • Electricians and Lighting Crew

Employment with movie lighting and electricity requires membership in a union for professional movie work. The salary scales for movie making done under the union agreement follows a strict schedule of pay for the number of weeks, or hours, on the set. The official union agreement available each year lists the minimum salary scales, but well-known, sought-after staffing has the ability to negotiate for higher pay.

  • Camera Operators

Camera operators on a movie set include main operators and specialists in underwater, aerial and robotic work. Some movies have need of camera operators with training in using Steadicam, telescopic crane and 3D cameras. For this movie Bengal hire assistants, including first and second operators and a film loader, to assist the main camera operator.

  • Sound Crew

Skill and labor union salary schedules classically list the required minimum pay for workers based on a week of work. In the case of some area of expertise workers used for short periods of time, including the sound effects specialist known as a Foley Artist, scales listing the pay in terms of hours per week. In this movie set sound crew also includes sound mixers and assistants.


Costume & Ornaments design is the production of wearing for the overall appearance of a character or performer. We know that costume is specific in the style of dress particular to a nation, a class, or a period. This movie is Bangladeshi cultural based so that they use for this movie all Bengali costume & ornaments.


Post-production is the last part of the process of filmmaking, video production and photography. For the reason Bengal Creations LTD. occurs in the making of motion pictures, television programs, radio programs, advertising, audio recordings, photography, and digital art. Post-production are a lot of different processes grouped under one name. These typically include:

  • Video editing the picture of a television plan using an edit decision list.
  • Writing, recording, and editing the soundtrack.
  • Adding visual special effects – mainly computer-generated imagery and digital copy from which release prints will be made.
  • Sound design, Sound effects, ADR, Foley and Music, culminating in a process known as sound re-recording or mixing with professional audio equipment.
  • Transfer of Color motion picture film to Video or DPX with color grading in a color suite.





Film: DOT

Write & Director: ABC

Format: Digital HD

Camera: Arri Amira/ Sony F55/ Red Epic

Duration: 135 Minutes

Camera Person: ZCD

Visual Post Production: CDC/ India

Sound Post Production: MCM / India

Shooting Planning

Pep: July- August 2015

Shoot: Bangladesh part, September-October 2014. Chandpur & others 35 Days.

India part, November 2014, 15 Days.

Editing: December 2014 – January 2016

Release Target: February 2016

Estimate with Breakdown:












  • Well Reputation of the Organization
  • Excellent service provider
  • Strong relationship with clients
  • Good Infrastructure
  • Diversified product line


  • Limited financial capacity
  • Unpredictable Schedule of execution
  • Few employee motivation schemes
  • Lack of experience in the lower tire employees


  • Increase more service to grab more market share
  • Clients become more concern regarding the quality of service rather than price
  • Organization need to focus on the international market
  • Local Market opportunities are to be identified
  • Participate in International Film festivals and film markets


  • The market is becoming competitive
  • Political violence increase
  • Bangladeshi cinema hall shut down
  • Indian movie import


Providing recommendations for a service provider like Bengal Creations LTD. is a tough job indeed. As there are specialist teams who are continuously working for the improvement of every process that service follows, it is quite difficult for a fresher like me to prepare recommendations, but according to me there is a step for which I would like to recommend some point. These recommendations will definitely improve the overall organization image if implemented efficiently.

  • Bengal Creations LTD. Management can largely depend on the group or team of the company to establish their own goals and make a decision the activities those are needed to accomplish these goals, to identify their own problems and solve the problem.
  • The organization should offer some trainings regarding top-level management for developing the corporate type of strategy.
  • Creative director must handle creative activity and work is delegated to subordinate.
  • Bengal Creations LTD. has a very few employee at the account management department, whereas the work pressure is high. So the department could enhance their workforce and share the work together.


We know that all that reality is very different from what we have learnt from our theory books. A person can only recognize and get the idea of the world when he/she actually tries to get involved in the processes. Here in the internship, the situation is same. After getting involved with the processes and people of the organization, I could visualize many things which were not possible only reading books. In the report Project Budgeting of Bengal Creations LTD. has been elaborated. On a concluding note it can be mentioned that the Project Budgeting of Bengal Creations LTD. is quite effective and efficient. Almost all the required steps of the process are done in a systematic manner maintaining some structured methods. The creative and accounts team is continuously working on the process to improve it as much as they can. The organization has a target to make their service the best among all the existing organizations in Bangladesh.