Report on Banking Practices
Subject: Finance | Topics:

General Banking Practices of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited,

Dhanmondi Branch.


Date of Submission: 02, February 2009:

February, 2009

Dr.Md. Abul Hossain

Associate Professor & Head,

Department of Commerce

Faculty of Business & Economics


Subject: Submission of Internship Report on “General Banking Practices of            Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, Dhanmondi Branch”

Dear Sir,

This is my internship report on, “General Banking Practices of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, Dhanmondi Branch.” I have got the opportunity to work in Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited for my internship program which is an integral part of my academic program. It is great achievement to work under your active supervision.

The whole report is based on my practical knowledge in Bank. I have furnished all the things that I have learnt during the internship program in Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, Dhanmondi Branch.

I shall be highly obliged if you are kind enough to receive this report and provide your valuable judgment.

Sincerely Yours


Md. Ariful Islam Patwary

ID: 043-18-564

Department of Commerce



I am pleased to certify that the internship report on “A comprehension picture of overall Banking Activities of Islami bank (BD) Ltd.” Conducted by Md. Ariful Islam Patwary holding ID: 043-8-64, 5th batch of the Department of Commerce under faculty of Business and Economics, has been approved for presentation, defense and viva voce under my supervision Dr. Md. Abul Hossain, Associate Professor & Head, Department of Commerce Daffodil International University, worked with Islami Bank as an intern. He completes the worked during the fall 2008 semester.

I am pleased to hereby certify that the data and the findings presented in the report are the authentic work of Md. Ariful Islam. I strongly recommend the report presented by Md. Arif for further academic commendations and defense.

Md. Arif bears a strong moral character and a very pleasing personality. It has indeed been a great pleasure working with him. I wish him all success in life.


Dr.Md. Abul Hossain

Associate Professor  & Head,

Department of Commerce

Faculty of Business & Economics



Definitely all praise to Allah. So, first of all, I express my deep gratitude to the almighty Allah who has created and nurtured us in this transitory world. I also have to put my heartfelt respect and gratitude for the kindness and cooperation that was provided to me in completing my report on the topic of General Banking Practices of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited Dhanmondi Branch”. In preparing this report I have taken great assistance and support from some persons. I would like to express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all of them who supervised and gave guidance throughout the study.

I express my sincere gratitude to respectable and very much cooperative teacher Dr. Md. Abul Hossain, Associate Professor, Head of Faculty of business & economics, who guided and supervised me during the preparation of this report.

I would like to thank to all the members of Islami Bank Training and Research Academy (IBTRA) and all other faculty members as well as all the employees from top to bottom of IBTRA who gave me necessary information and excellent guidance to prepare this internship report.

And all other employees of the Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, Dhanmondi Branch for their hearty cooperation to learn about its general banking functions. I also convey my thanks to all the employees for their beloved manner and attitude to me during the program.


Md. Ariful Islam Patwary.

ID: 043-18-564

Department of Commerce


This report explains two months working experiences at Dhanmondi branch of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL). This report will give a clear idea about the general banking activities and operational strategies of IBBL. Besides main focus on the general banking activities of IBBL, this report includes company profile, management structure, its products & services and problems & recommendations.

Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited established in March 1983 with a vision of providing welfare oriented banking services. Islam gives a much more comprehensive guidance in economic matters such as probations of interest, difference between the Halal (permissible) and Haram (prohibited), establishment of social justice and equity and son on. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited is demonstrating these sorts of economic developments as per “Islamic Shariah”. Conventional banks directly deal with money or credit by the contract of pre-agreed fixed interest rates while Islami bank abolishes interest.

In the banking sector of Bangladesh, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited is performing well as it provides banking services to its customers in lowest possible price amongst the private banks operating in this country. So it is now in the leading position among the commercial banks operating in Bangladesh.

In this report there is a discussion on the topics of what is Islamic banking, why it is needed, scenario of conventional vs. Islamic banking and riba/interest vs. profit. Islami bank is quite different in accumulating deposit & using those from conventional banks. It follows two principles in case of depositing and using deposited money. Those are Al-Wadiah principle and Al-Mudaraba principle. Under the two head there are various types of deposit account like Al-Wadiah Current Account (AWCA), Mudaraba Savings Account (MSA), Mudaraba Special Savings Account (MSS), Mudaraba Savings bond (MSB), Mudaraba Short Notice Deposit Account (MSND) and so on. Then the characteristics of each account have been discussed also.

General banking provides the foundation of banker- customer relationship through opening A/C. General banking is the busiest department with the daily transaction of concerned customers for depositing or drawing money, opening or closing of various types of account s and remitting local currency. In line with the basic factions, general banking section performs some other tasks like- maintaining cash or vault, keeping proper record of necessary papers and documents and so on.

My close observation through general banking section concludes by including some recommendations existing in Dhanmondi branch which are as follows:

  1. The procedures of account opening system should be more clear & simple for the customers.
  2. There should recruit adequate employees in General Banking Section to provide better and faster service to the customers.
  3. General Banking Departments should provide clear information to the interested customers about their products and services specially Mudaraba Special Schemes. The clients should be informed a probable rate of return in case of Mudaraba Special Schemes to lessen their knowledge.
  4. General Banking Departments should provide such information by which customers can easily know the difference between conventional banking and Islamic banking system. As like MSS and DPS, FDR and MTDR etc.
  5. To compete in the banking arena with other private banks IBBL should establish highly decorated arena to attract customers.
  6. Number of office assistants should be increased for provider faster service to the customers.
  7. There should introduce new information desk to ensure easy identification of different sections when any customer entered in bank.

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