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Assignment on Human Resource  Management
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Human Resource Management:

Human Resource Management is soliciting and accepting papers for a special section of the Journal. This section will focus on research methods in HRM. We would like to invite papers for this section, which will be part of the HR Science Forum. Below are more details.

HR Challenges:

•Unskilled Workers
•Undereducated Workers
•Shift in Workforce Composition
•Laws & Regulations
•Single-Parent & Two-Income Families
•Attitudes Toward Work
•Continued Downsizing
•Overseas Labor Pools
•Customized Benefits
•Employees With New Concerns
•Decreased Loyalty
Determining HR Needs:
  1. 1.Prepare HR Inventory
  2. 2.Prepare Job Analysis
  3. •Job Description
  4. •Job Specification
  5. 3.Assess HR Demand
  6. 4.Assess HR Supply
  7. Establish Strategic

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Human Resource Management

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