Difference Between Recruitment And Selection

The Recruitment and selection are the two phases of the employment process.The two terms differ from each other in terms of their purpose too. The purpose of recruitment is to create a kind of talent base from which the best may be picked for the various posts in the organization. On the other hand the very purpose of selection lies in the choosing of the right candidate for the right post or job available in the organization for which the talent base was built. Recruitment and Selection are two terms that are associated with the job market. These two terms should be understood in the right perspective. They are known to show some differences between them.

It can be said that both of them are phases of employment process. Recruitment is the process of searching the candidates eligible for employment. It also consists in making the eligible candidates apply for the corresponding jobs. On the other hand selection involves the various steps employed to choose the right candidate for the right job. These steps may include screening and interviewing. This is the main difference between recruitment and selection.

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