Questionnaire on Customer Service and Satisfaction
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Date of interview:    /    /2010

Dear Respondent,

We are doing our post graduation in Business Administration (BA) at American International UniversityBangladesh and currently conducting this research as a part of the degree requirement. The information provided by you will be used for our report. All finding in line with law and research ethics, are confidential and anonymous.

Express Your Opinion by giving (ü) marks.

                                  1= Yes, 2= No

Q.1 Are you a current customer of Prime Bank Ltd.?

 1 2                3                    4                5


** If the Answer of the Question 1 is Yes please fill up the questions.

1 = Strongly Agree, 2 = Agree, 3 = Neutral, 4=Disagree, 5 = Strongly Disagree

Q.2 Prime Bank Limited provides quick service to the customer.


 1 2                3                    4                  5


Q.3 Employees of Prime Bank Ltd are efficient & responsive to serve their clients.

 1 2                3                    4                5


Q.4 Prime Bank Ltd. Office environment is very pleasant.


 1 2                3                    4                5


Q.5 Prime Bank Ltd has a convenient transaction hour.


 1 2                3                    4                5


Q.6 Management system of Prime Bank is well established.

 1 2                3                    4                5


Q.7 Employees of Prime Bank Limited are very Friendly & helpful.

 1 2                3                    4                5


Q. 8 Fees & services charges of the bank are reasonable compared to other banks.

 1 2                3                    4                5


Q.9 Prime Bank Ltd. is very committed to their customer.

 1 2                3                    4                           5


Q.10 Prime Bank Ltd values its high profile clients more. 

 1 2                3                    4                5


Q.11 Prime Bank Ltd. ignores its general customer’s wellbeing.

 1 2                3                    4                5

Q.12 Customers are satisfied with the service provided by Prime Bank Ltd

 1 2                3                    4                5


Q.13 What is your opinion to improve the services of the bank?



Q.14 Place specify your belief of the different attributes of Bank in the spaces below. Write A for Prime Bank, O for others and “I” for Ideal.


Low price                           __1_   __2__   _3__   _4__    _5__        High price

Low Status                         __1_   __2__   _3__   _4__    _5__        High Status

Low value added service­   __1_   __2__   _3__   _4__    _5__    High Value added service

               Low Facilities                    __1_   __2__   _3__   _4__    _5__         High facilities


Q.15 How do you describe yourself? Place with a tick mark, where you stand in the spaces below:

Harsh           __1__    __2__   __3__   __4__    __5__   Delicate

Dominating  __1__    __2__   __3__   __4__    __5__   Submissive

Youthful      __1__    __2__   __3__   __4__    __5__   Mature

Traditional  __1__    __2__   __3__   __4__    __5__   Changing

Colorless     __1__    __2__   __3__   __4__    __5__   Colorful


Q. 16 From which source you find about brand choice (who influenced you)?

a)      Family members

b)      Partners

c)      Print ads

d)      Friends/Neighbors

e)      Experience

f)       TV/Radio

Any other source(s) please specify…………


Q. 17 What attributes/features would make a Bank most important to you?

a)      Quick service

b)      Low service charge

c)      Online service

d)      Debit/Credit card


e)      Different service

f)       Efficient employees

g)      Employee behavior

h)      Interior decoration

i)        Country of origin

j)        Brand reputation

k)      Available branch



Q.18 Are you satisfied with the service of Prime Bank Ltd.

Respondent’s Profile:

  1. Age:

a)      11-20 year

b)      21-30 year

c)      31-40 year

d)      41-50 year

e)      51+ year

2.      Sex:

a.      Male
b.      Female

3.      Monthly income:

a)      Less than 10,000

b)      10,000 to less than 30,000

c)      30,000 to less than 60,000

d)      60,000 to less than 1,00,000

e)      1,00,000 and above

4.               Occupation:

a)      Business Man

b)      Student

c)      Teacher

d)      Government officer

e)      Doctor

f)       House wife

g)      Service Holder

h)      Others……………………………………(Please specify) 

“Thank you for your cooperation”

Customer Service and Satisfaction

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