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Retention Strategies
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Retention strategy would necessarily include a plan for redressing employee grievances and ways and means to address employee issues .The HR manager for each division and expect to get a fair hearing in the process. There should be a plan where the HR manager in conjunction with the manager of the employee who has raised the issue works towards resolving the issue. Taking each of these strategies in turn, job rotation is the practice of moving the employees around divisions and within divisions with a clear emphasis on making sure that they operate in domains other than the ones assigned to them initially. This would mean that the employees get trained on competencies beyond that of their assigned plant and this would lead to greater motivation to pick up additional skills and motivate them to perform better. The importance of grievance redressed and mitigation cannot be emphasized more.

This strategy of “listening” to the employees would revolve around a concept of “one-one” meetings between the employees and the manager and employees and the HR representative for the unit or division. The idea of the regular “one-one” meetings would be to identify potential causes of friction among the employees and any issues they may have vis-à-vis their job and benefits. These issues need to be brought out into the open before they become contentious resulting in the employee feeling frustrated and quitting the job. Hence, all efforts must be made to identify sources of employee dissatisfaction and “hygiene factors” that must be taken care of for proper functioning of the employees.

Retention Strategies

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