Internship Report on Consumer Perceptions of Retail Banking Service
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Executive Summary

After completion of B.B.A. program, the students have to go to an organization to gather practical knowledge and make relation between theory and operation. Our department mainly takes the initiate of internship. It is very essential for a student of B.B.A to build up his business career.

I completed my internship in EXIM Bank Ltd., Panthapath Branch, Dhaka. I worked with them three months. I learned all the Banking activities of a branch. I worked with all the officers and all the departments with sincerely. I have gathered knowledge about the system and activity of a bank. Bank mainly works with direct money. So every one is enough conscious here. All contribute to enhance the deposits and advances. For the month, I helped them to do that task properly and effectively. And I also learned the whole process. It will make my knowledge rich. This report will show my daily activities, banking system and present performance in the branch.

I think, it would be important for student of business and EXIM Bank Ltd. as well. If any mistake is available, take it easy. Thanks.

Bank is very old institution that is contributing toward the Development of any economy and is treated as an important service industry in the modern world. Economic history shows that development has started everywhere with the banking system and its contribution towards financial development of a country is the highest in the initial stage. Modern banks play an important part in promoting economic development of a country. Bank provides necessary funds for executing various programs in the process of economic development. They collect savings from large masses of people scattered throughout the country, which in the absence of banks would have remained ideal and unproductive. These scattered amounts are collected, pooled together and made available to commerce and industry for meeting the financial requirements.

Bank plays a vital role in the economy by providing means of payment and in mobilizing resources. Bank is the most important financial institution in the economy. The economic development of a country depends on the development of banking sector. Today’s modern banks are not only providing traditional banking but also expanding the many financial services. In today’s world the life of the people directly or indirectly are within the arena of banking whether conventional or Islamic banking. Although Islamic banking is not a newer concept in Bangladesh as it has started its operation since 1983, very few people are aware about its operation. But things are changing. Islamic Banking is also getting popularity in the country.

Internship program is essential for every student, especially for the students of Business Administration, which helps them to know the real life situation. For this reason a student takes the internship program at the last stage of the bachelor’s degree, to launch a career with some practical experience. Against this backdrop, I have completed my three months internship in the EXIM Bank Ltd., Panthapath Branch, Dhaka, which has helped me a lot to understand the real life situation of banking business.

Origin of the Report

Bangladesh is developing country. A lot of capital is needed to develop this country. Banks are very important financial institution in the economy. The present economic state of Bangladesh demands immediate development of the financial institutions. The banks have a lot of areas to improve upon. To build up potential future banker there is a practical orientation stage of Three month. The report helps to build a perception about day to affairs of the bank.

My course instructor Saadia Shabnam, has authorized me to prepare a report on “Consumer Perception of Retail Banking Services: An Study on EXIM Bank Ltd.”. Which will be regarded as the “Internship Paper”. She authorized me orally how I can analyze the study. Based on her lecture, I have prepared this report.


The main objective of the study is to develop an understanding about the practical banking activities and to relate them with the theoretical knowledge acquired form the books. The object can be broken into pieces as specific objectives below:

1. To know the Account Opening
2. To know the cash receive and disbursement
3. To know the clearing process
4. To know the loans and advances
5. To know the customer services
6. To know foreign exchange
7. To know the locker service


The literal scope of the report is to draw the scenario which will be free from imitate and it will try to come up with its maximum reach by giving the related pictures, rationale and nonetheless the factual information. It did apparently depend on the information that has been provided by the organization and also the data that has been collected in general. On the basis of all of this a recommendation has been given as well. Another important fact needs to be mentioned that the population of interest will be represented by colleting the data from available sample of the bank and it’ll be exclusively collected from the Exim Bank Ltd., Panthapath Branch, Dhaka.


To prepare this report, I have used two major sources of data- ‘primary sources’ and ‘secondary sources’.
As Primary sources I have used the following two sources:
• Survey
• Personal observation
• Interviews
• Work with them

As secondary sources I took help from
• Website
• Bank paper, report, journals etc.
• Annual Report
• Prospectus
• Others related research reports.

Data collected generally through questionnaires and also it is based on interviews with people who are employees and customers of the Bank. They tried to help me as much as possible. Some data are collected from the company’s web site and other sites as well.


This report is not free from limitations. Moreover the topic is so much vast, so I faced some problems while preparing this report. A period of twelve week is not sufficient to collect and understand the insights of bank activities. The limitations acquainted with this report are as the following:

Time limitation: There was time limitation because the employees of the firm are busy persons. So, they tried to give me as much time as possible but they are undone. If I get more time then this report would be more presentable and informative.

Limitation of data: The employees of the bank are not willing to provide all types of information because some data were denied to disclose as it was said that those were confidential.

Real situation: The real situation is different from the bookish concept. Some concepts varied from industry to industry, company to company. Some academic concepts and real company applying concepts are different in some cases too. But I have tried to incorporate with a proper solution and to some extent I am successful.

Lack of co-operation from the data source.

Lack of coordination.

Technical problems.

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