Credit Approval and Monitoring Process of Bank Asia Limited
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Bank Asia Limited is a third generation private bank in Bangladesh. After its inception in November 1999, the bank has been able to earn a good name in the industry for its high quality services. The bank’s non-performing assets account less than 5% of its total assets, which is one of the lowest in the industry. This is because the bank attaches highest importance to the management of risks.

Risk is inherent in all aspects of a commercial operation, however for banks and financial institution credit risk is an essential factor that needs to be managed. Credit risk is the possibility that a borrower or counter party will fail to meet its obligations in accordance with the agreed terms. Credit risk, therefore arises from the bank’s dealings with or lending to corporate, individuals, and other banks and financial institutes.

Credit risk management needs to be a robust process that enables banks to proactively manage loan portfolios in order to minimize losses and earn an acceptable level of return for shareholders. It is essential that banks have robust credit risk management policies and procedures that are sensitive and responsive to fast changing, dynamic global economy.

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Credit Approval and Monitoring Process of Bank Asia Limited

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