Identifying Market Segments and Targets

Combines operationally driven mass customization with customized marketing in a way that empowers consumers to design the product and service offering of their choice.

Chapter Questions

What are the different levels of market segmentation?
How can a company divide a market into segments?
How should a company choose the most attractive target markets?
What are the requirements for effective segmentation?
Effective Targeting Requires…
Identify and profile distinct groups of buyers who differ in their needs and preferences.
Select one or more market segments to enter.
Establish and communicate the distinctive benefits of the market offering.
Four Levels of Micromarketing
Local areas


Segment Marketing

Targeting a group of customers

who share a similar set of

needs and wants.


Combines operationally driven mass customization with customized marketing in a way that empowers consumers to design the

product and service offering of their choice.

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