Presentation on Crispy Carrot Chips - Assignment Point
Presentation on Crispy Carrot Chips
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The new product as Crispy Carrot Chips. It is an imaginary product under an imaginary company named Tulip Foods Limited. However, the plan is realistic, which has a good possibility to be succeeded. Usually there are many chips in the market and the market of chips is competitive.  However, we can compete in this tough competitive market because our Crispy carrot chips are not only providing a very crispy and testy chips but also a very nutritious that will help children as well as younger person to be healthy.Our Research and development department found that people preferring the new taste because they has need of nutrition because it is good for health, and as they can consume the product easily majority of people would like to have this product.

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Presentation on Crispy Carrot Chips

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