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This documentation has been prepared to give an overview of the Super shop management software system specification for the real-life projects that each student of Database Design and Development course under IDB-BISEW IT scholarship Project Round-12 has to develop and implement group. Super shop management software system should be purchased from software package vendors and customized to the departmental Super shop’s needs, if necessary. Customer service refers to a departmental Super shop ability to satisfy the needs of its customers by this Super shop management software system.

Features of Super shop                                                             1

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01What is  Super shop Software System6
02Super shop management Provides7
03Objective of  Super shop management8
04Proposal  of  Super shop management software system8
05Standard features of Super shop9
06Nature of  Super shop10
07Super shop  managements10
08The benefits of Super shop control11
09Super shop Management Goods11
10Project Requirements11

01.  What is Super Shop Software System?

Super shop is the active control program which allows the sales and purchases reelected activities.

Super shop management software helps create invoices, Product category, purchase orders, receiving lists, payment receipts and can print bar coded labels. A Super shop management software system configured to your warehouse, retail or product line will help to create revenue for your company. The Super shop Management will control operating costs and provide better understanding. We are your source for Super shop management information, Super shop management software and tools.

A complete Super shop Management Control system contains the following components:

* Super shop Management Purposes.

* Definition and Objectives for Super shop Management.

* Super shop Management Planning.

* Super shop Management Controls for Inventory.

* Determining Super shop Management Stock Levels.

Super shop management is primarily about specifying the size and placement of stocked goods. Super shop management is required at different locations within a facility or within multiple locations of a supply network to protect the regular and planned course of production against the random disturbance of running out of materials or goods. The scope of Super shop management also concerns the fine lines between replenishment lead time, carrying costs of inventory, asset management, Super shop forecasting, inventory valuation, inventory visibility, future inventory price forecasting, physical inventory, available physical space for inventory, quality management, replenishment, returns and defective goods and demand forecasting.

02.  Super shop Management provides:

#   Up-to-date information about data processing resources through the creation and archiving of records in a centralized repository.

 # Financial records specific to a single component, or groups of components.

 #  Component Status Indicators to identify a component as Active (A), Redeployed (R ), Donated (D), or Terminated (T).

 # Component Criticality definition (1-5, with 1 being most critical).

 # Service records for all components in the Super shop.

 # Data used to support configuration diagrams of the hardware and software components contained within specific locations, or the entire data processing environment.

 # Reports can be generated from the Super shop and Asset Systems that would protect the amount of revenue that can be generated through the sale of surplus equipment, or to define the number of components that have a criticality rating of ‘1’ so that you can project the costs associated with maintaining duplicates of critical equipment at recovery sites. Combining the two reports would allow you to reroute equipment being scheduled for termination to the Recovery Facility and eliminate the additional costs associated with

purchasing duplicate.

 # Equipment in support of recovery needs.


There are three main objectives of inventory management, as follows:

Provide the desired level of customer service. Customer service refers to a departmental Super shop ability to satisfy the needs of its customers. There are several ways to measure the level of customer service.

Achieve cost-efficient operations:  Super shop facility cost-efficient operations in several ways. Inventories can provide a buffer between operations so that each phase of the transformation process can continue to operate even when output rates differ. Inventories also allow a company to maintain a level workforce throughout the year even when there is seasonal demand for the company’s output. By building large production lots of items, companies are able to spread some fixed costs over a larger number o units, thereby decreasing the unit cost of each item. Finally, large purchases of inventory might qualify for quantity discounts, which will also reduce the unit cost of each item.

Minimize Super shop investment: As a company achieves lower amounts of money tied up in inventory, that company’s overall cost structure will improve, as will its profitability. A common measure used to determine how well a company is managing its inventory investment.

04.  Proposal  of  Super shop management software system:

Today’s competitive environment is forcing companies to optimize the procurement processes and Super shop levels while at the same time ensure accuracy of controls and implementation Of standard procedures for the flow of materials. However, in the absence of appropriate systems and information infrastructure, companies are finding it difficult to achieve smooth and efficient Materials planning and execution due to the following information-based limitations.

If these reflect your procurement and Super shop management limitations as well, then Super shop Control and Valuation System by Core Solutions has the right answers to these critical problems providing the right solutions for an efficient materials management.

All-inclusive, functionality-rich software, the Super shop Control & Valuation System meets all the requirements for efficient management of Super shop and materials procurement function of small to large scale organizations.  Caters to all activities involved in the flow of materials Right from materials requirement determination, generating purchase orders to issue and receipt of goods. The outcome is reliable maintenance of real-time records for item-wise, location-wise Stock count and its valuation.

Issues in management of material flow

  • Unavailability of real-time and reliable record of Super shop.
  • Manual requirement generation for materials across batches and orders.
  • Judgment-based purchase order quantity
  • calculations and material consolidations
  • Irrational wastage levels those are rarely revised and monitored.
  • Inaccurate trail of location wise stock count.
  • In-effective implementation and monitoring of inventory valuation techniques.
  • Irregularities in Super shop levels in case of multiple storage locations due to high Frequency of Super shop transits and transfers.
  • In-effective manual controls for ensure.
  • reconciliation between the purchased,
  • consumed and leftover Super shop stocks

About the Software

If these reflect your procurement and Super shop management limitations as well, then Super shop Control and Valuation System by core Solutions has the right answers to these critical problems providing the right solutions for an efficient Materials management.

All-inclusive, functionality-rich software, the meets all the requirements for efficient management of Super shop procurement function of small of large scale organizations. Super shop caters to all activities involved in the flow of materials right from materials requirement determination, generating purchase orders to issue and receipt of goods.

Super shop integrates with Demand management and order entry, Financial Accounting, and shop-floor control for automatic calculation of material requirements, generation of payables and issuances of materials upon authorization to departments and shop-floor respectively.

So whether you are a manufacturing concern, a distribution company or a service-based organization, Super shop provides tremendous help in the preparation of sound production, distribution and supply plans for your company by enabling valid and real-time record of your Super shop while simultaneously protecting from unforeseen stock shocks.

Super shop can also easily integrate with other packaged software applications such As Finance and ERP’s.

05.  Standard features of Super shop:

  • Creation / Editing of Supplier details and material supplies.
  • Barcode support for accurate tracking of material movement.
  • Maintaining item rates, specifications and lead times.
  • Support for any level of material variation,
  • Multiple locations & delivery destinations
  • Automatic determination of material requirement against forecast-based order- specific demand.
  • Netting from available stock and scheduled receipts to generate net purchase requirements.
  • Detailed item & PO level purchase histories with elaborate change logs and audit trails.
  • Real-time reports for item-wise, location wise stock levels.
  • Real-time Super shop valuation.
  • Comprehensive system of procurement and material movement authorizations
  • Materials Issuances, receipts and intra transfers.
  • Location and valuation of acceptable substitutes.
  • Generate relevant accounting information.
  • Processing of physical stock counts and reconciliation.
  • Optimized lot-sizing and procurement Liberation of tied -up capital in s low moving stock
  • Optimum storage utilization
  • Effective Super shop controls
  • Real-time views of stock levels and valuation
  • Reduced stock-outs eliminating earning short falls
  • Accurate tracking of materials through all stages of processing, including work-in-process.
  • Reduction in work force due to delegation of routine and redundant activities to software.
  • Complete control over flow of goods from ordering to dispatch
  • Customized reports for enhancing quality and speed of decision
  • Making.

 06.  Nature of  Super shop:

Super shop is defined as a stock or store of goods. These goods are maintained on hand at or near a business’s location so that the firm may meet demand and fulfill its reason for existence. If the firm is a retail establishment, a customer may look elsewhere to have his o her needs satisfied if the firm does not have the required item in stock and must maintain some supply of finished goods in order to meet demand.

 07.  Super shop Management:

Super shop Management must be designed to meet the dictates of market place and support the company’s Strategic Plan. The many changes in the market demand, new opportunities due to worldwide marketing, global sourcing of materials and new manufacturing technology means many companies need to change their Super shop Management approach and change the process for Super shop Control.

08.  The benefits of Super shop control:

Today, maintaining the right Super shop levels is a tough challenge. If not properly managed, your Super shop can result in a significant expense. Looking over your shoulder is the lender who is concerned about the cost of carrying too much Super shop – which can affect profitability. The system should be capable of generating numerous operational and management reports. These might include:

  • Stock status report
  • Super shop movement report
  • Recommended purchases report
  • Parts history report

A computerized Super shop control system can be a big asset to a company, whether large, medium or small. These systems can help the management in controlling the Super shop of the company to cut significant costs and have a dramatic impact on the financial bottom line of the company.Such a system should be purchased from software package vendors and customized to the company’s needs, if necessary. There are many packages available in the software market today. However, care should be exercised in choosing the package since the customizing and implementation costs for the Super shop Management could be very high if the wrong package is chosen.

The cost of implementing the system goes far beyond the cost of the software package itself. The effort and time could be as high as five to 10 times the cost of the package. But the benefits of the system would still far outweigh the costs for a typical company.

09.   Super shop Management Goods:

Goods are completed part that is ready for a customer order. Therefore,finished goods Super shop is the stock of completed products. These goods have been inspected and have passed final inspection requirements so that they can be transferred out of work-in-process and into finished goods Super shop. From this point finished goods can be sold directly to their final user, sold to retailers, sold to wholesalers, sent to distribution centers, or held in anticipation of a customer order.

 10.   Project Requirements / Deliverables: –

  1. Complete ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) showing Data Types wherever applicable
  2. Complete Interaction Diagram for the Interfaces and formats of the output reports. Use Visio / other diagramming software for better presentation.
  3. A write-up / manual on how to operate at administrative and operator level in the software. Use screen shots and flow charts for better presentation.
  4. Complete source code and runtime files for the front end / forms & reports
  5. Complete database re-generation script.
  6. A project paper illustrating the scope of your work, statement of problems, approach and methodology adopted for software development and a brief analysis of advantages of your system

 Super shop report

  •  Designation  Information
  •  Employees  Information
  •  Product Category Information
  •  Sales Information
  •  Order Information
  •  Received Information
  •  User Information
  • Menu Form
  •  Password Form 






Table  Name : Product  Category.

Attribute nameColumn nameData typeLengthConstraint Reference table
Product_cata_idProduct cata idNumber5pk 
Product_cata_nameProduct cata nameVarchar230uk 

Table  Name : Product  Information.

Attribute nameColumn nameData typeLengthConstraint Reference table
Product_idProduct idNumber5Pk 
Product_cata_idProduct cata idNumber5fk 
Product_nameProduct nameVarchar230uk 
Quentity quentitynumber30  
Unit priceUnit priceNumber10,2  

 Table  Name : Sales Master

Attribute nameColumn nameData typeLengthConstraint Reference table
Invoice_noInvoice noNumber5pk 
Sale_dateSales datedate   
Emp_idEmployees idNumber5fk 

Table  Name : Sales Detail

Attribute nameColumn nameData typeLengthConstraint Reference table
Detail_idDetail idNumbe5pk 
Invoice_noInvoice noNumbe5fk 
cata_idCata idNumbe5fk 
Product_idProduct idNumber5fk 
Quentity quentitynumber30  
Total_priceTotal priceNumber10,2  

 Table  Name : Orders

Attribute nameColumn nameData typeLengthConstraint Reference table
Order_idOrder idNumber5pk 
Order_dateOrder datedate   
cata_idCata idNumber5fk 
Product_idProduct idNumber5fk 
Quentity quentitynumber30  

Table  Name : Orders  Recived

Attribute nameColumn nameData typeLengthConstraint Reference table
Recived_idRecived idNumber5pk 
Order_idOrder idNumber5fk 
cata_idCata idNumber5fk 
Product_idProduct idNumber5fk 
Quentity quentitynumber30  
Emp_idEmployees idNumber5fk 

Table  Name : Designation

Attribute nameColumn nameData typeLengthConstraint Reference table
Desig_idDesig idNumber5pk 
Desig _nameDesig nameVarchar230  

Table  Name : Employees Information

Attribute nameColumn nameData typeLengthConstraint Reference table
Emp_idEmployees idNumber5pk 
Emp_nameEmployees nameVarchar230uk 
Father_nameFather nameVarchar230  
DobDate  of birthDate   
Join_date Join dateDate   
Par_addressParmanent addressVarchar2150  
Pre_addressPresent addressVarchar2150  
PhonePhone numberNumber20  
Photo PhotoBlob   
Desig_idDesig idNumber5fk 


We are confident that this Super shop management software system specification for the real-life Customer service refers to a departmental Super shop ability to satisfy of the management of supper shop needs.


Hardware Requirement:

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