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E Learning Curve
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E Commerce and E Marketing, generally the concept that comes to one’s mind is the online shopping that we generally engage in. Buying airline tickets, paying utility bills and buying books and CDs etc. If a business manager or a student limits himself to understanding about how On line selling works is not enough. No doubt E Commerce relates to building website with content using search criteria, driving traffic and promoting your products and services. A larger perspective of how the Organizations and businesses work, the networking with multiple applications and integration that makes things work at the background is necessary.

In the current scenario where the Organizations are operating at multi locations across various markets and geographies and are managing the entire operations using multiple platforms, opening up its business on E Commerce mode brings with it, newer challenges. Amidst the changing environment where newer technologies and new trends keep affecting the markets and consumer behaviour, the Organizations have got to E enable all of their operations and businesses. It is not enough to just set up a website. The entire operations from procurement, manufacturing, warehousing to order management, financial transactions and third party logistics support would need to be e enabled and integrated to ensure end to end transactions and efficiency of operations. It is quite true that in highly competitive markets, the IT systems and its operational service capabilities become the service differentiators between the leader and rest.

E Learning Curve

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