How to Brand Leadership and Growth
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Brand Leadership will gain insight into the role of a brand and its power and importance as a strategic differentiators, and increase your understanding of how to use your brand for greater competitive advantage. The program draws on contemporary business issues and uses a variety of teaching methods, including case studies, interactive lectures, and group work. Participants conduct brand audits on their own brands and those of their fellow classmates to facilitate a high level of class interaction and valuable dialogue. Applying techniques learned in the classroom, groups will perform brand inventories and market research.

The awareness on the part of the customers, as well as aggressive competition in the market that provides a wider choice to the customer has made the Customer demand and expect much more from the product or service as well as from the Company that he is engaging with. Today, customer expectations are not only to do with product quality, performance and price but the total experience of pre-sales and post sales too plays an important role.

The customers today expect speed of transactions and are not willing to wait. For example, Customers are not willing to wait in long queue at the airports and expect technology to ensure that they have quick and smooth hassle free check in transactions. This makes the Companies to continually invest into technology to deliver Information as well as service the customers in order to create that crucial differentiation. Hotels have got to find ways to know their customers well enough, anticipate his needs and deliver service as per his expectations. In all cases, Organizations have got to be keyed in, to understand the customer better and to choose its niche value proposition to be able to offer to its customers. Choosing value proposition and driving the entire Organization and business models as well as the business processes to focus on excellence in the chosen niche is what helps the business establish its leadership and fight competition. Choosing the right value proposition and re-engineering its business process to achieve excellence holds the key to market leadership. Brands like Casio, Wal-mart, Rado and host of others across different fields are proof to the fact that they have not build brands and rested on the laurels, but have focused on re-inventing their product offering from time to time and excelled in their chosen niche value proposition.

how to Brand Leadership and Growth

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