Organizing for Advertising and Promotion
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Organizing for Advertising and Promotion:

The Role of Ad Agencies and Other Marketing Communication Organizations Chapter 3 Advertising And Promotion, 6/E – Belch Group 8 Integrated Marketing CommunicationsAditya GSN Indrajit Bage N Krishna Chaitanya Neeraj Panghal Prateek Jaiswal Silpa Kamath.

Advertising Agencies

 The Ad Agency’s Role

• Main reason outside agencies are used is that they provide the client with the services of highly skilled individuals who are specialists in their chosen fields.

• An advertising agency staff may include artists, writers, media analysts, researchers, and others with specific skills, knowledge, and experience who can help market the client’s products or services.

• Many agencies specialize in a particular type of business and use their knowledge of the industry to assist their clients.

• An outside agency can also provide an objective viewpoint of the market and its business that is not subject to internal company policies, biases, or other limitations.

• The agency can draw on the broad range of experience it has gained while working on a diverse set of marketing problems for various clients.

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