Role of Advertising in Retail
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The retailer must strive hard to communicate the USPs (Unique selling Proposition) of the brand to influence the buying behavior of the customers. In simpler words, advertisements help the end-users to know to which brand a particular product belongs.

  • The retailer through various ways of advertising strives hard to promote his brand amongst the masses for them to visit the store more often.
  • Advertisements attract the customers into the store. They act as a catalyst in bringing the customers to the stores.

The advertisement must effectively communicate the right message and click on the customers. It should be a visual treat and appeal the end-users.

  1. Print media is also one of the most effective ways to promote a brand. Newspapers, magazines, catalogues, journals make the brand popular amongst the individuals. Retailers can buy a small space in any of the leading newspapers or magazines; give their ads for the individuals to read and get influenced.
  2. Television also helps the brand reach a wider audience. Now a days retailers also use celebrities to endorse their products for that extra zing. Celebrities are shown using the particular brand and thus making it a hit amongst the masses.
  3. Radio Advertisements also help in creating brand awareness.
  4. Social networking sites have also emerged as one of the easiest and economical ways to promote a product or brand.

Role of Advertising in Retail

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