Role of Effective Communication in Organization and Personal Life
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Effective communication plays a very important role in achieving organizational goals. The role of effective communication in an organization starts from the day an employee joins the firm. It is the prime responsibility of the human resources department to clearly inform the employee the rules and policies of the organization for him to perform efficiently. Effective communication is important at all the levels in an organization. Every individual should be on the same platform and the clarity of ideas, messages is mandatory for smooth flow of work. The team leader must make it a point to effectively communicate what he actually expects from his fellow workers. The details, the important deadlines, must be made very clear to the employees to expect productivity from their side. The team members should also be clear about their goals and can work accordingly. Instead of verbal communications e-mails are a better option for effective communication.

The child has to make clear whether he wants to have pizza or pasta or simply would prefer cornflakes in breakfast. He has to effectively communicate to his nanny about his choice otherwise the poor nanny would never come to know what the child wants.

There should be clarity of thoughts between the husband and the wife and here effective communication plays the magic. One goes to a market and if he doesn’t know what he wishes to buy, the shopkeeper would never understand. The sender must have clarity of thoughts, must express his ideas in the best possible way and also cross check with the receiver. No matter how brilliant your idea is, you need to effectively communicate. A husband would never have a clue what his wife wants from him unless and until she effectively communicates.

Role of Effective Communication in Organization and Personal Life

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