Emotional Awareness
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Emotional awareness is the first step needed towards getting rid of any bad mood that visits you. After all, you need to be aware of the presence of an emotion in order to be able to get rid of it.

For example you might be feeling happy while being with your friends then suddenly and out of nowhere your mood swings.

The process of becoming aware of your emotions is easy but needs a lot of training. First you need to keep an eye on your emotions along with your thoughts and self talk. After all its your self talk that results in any emotional change you experience whether its good or bad.

  • Awareness of Behaviors: At this level of emotional awareness, a person is only aware of how they would like to act as a result of having some kind of emotion. For example, a person may say that they feel like they would like to leave a situation as quickly as possible .
  • Awareness that an Emotional State Is Present: At this stage, a person is aware that an emotion is present; however, they may have a hard time figuring out exactly what emotion is there. For instance, a person may have enough awareness to know that they feel “bad” or “overwhelmed” but nothing more specific than that
  • Differentiated Emotional Awareness: We are now getting to the top levels of emotional awareness. At this level, a person is aware of discrete emotions that are present. A person is able to identify the emotion that they are experiencing at any given point in time, such as sadness, anger, fear, anxiety, happiness, joy, or excitement.
  • Blended Emotional Awareness: This is the top level of emotional awareness. At this level, a person is aware of multiple emotions that are present at the same time, including emotions that may on the surface appear to be in opposition to one another .

Emotional Awareness

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