Employees in Organization Culture
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Employees in Organization Culture

Organizational culture is a system of shared values and beliefs about what’s important and appropriate in an organisation; it also includes feelings and relationships internally and externally. Every organization values are supposed to be unique and are widely shared and reflected in daily practice, relevant to the company purpose and strategy.

The beliefs, ideologies and practices of an organization form its culture which gives a sense of direction to the employees. The work culture goes a long way in creating the brand image of the organization and making it distinct from its competitors. The employees are the true assets of an organization. They are the ones who contribute effectively towards the successful functioning of an organization.
The behavior of the employees which form the culture of the workplace. The thought processes and assumptions of the members of the organization contribute to its culture.
There are certain organizations where the employees willingly accept challenges and learn something new each day. The roles and responsibilities are delegated as per the interest and specialization of the employees and thus each one tries hard to perform better than the fellow workers. Such organizations follow a strong culture as employees are serious about their work and abide by the policies.Some organizations have aggressive employees who promote healthy competition at the workplace. Such organizations follow a culture where every individual tries hard to win the appreciation of the management.
Role of Employees in Organization Culture

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