Term Paper On Security Valuation and Company Analysis
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Executive Summary

This term paper is the linkage between the theoretical knowledge and real life experience. It is designed to have a practical experience while passing through the theoretical understanding. This report aims toward providing information ,how we evaluate the security valuation and company analysis to make decision about investment.

This term paper on the basis of the  Security valuation and company analysis about  this Company. We have to know security valuation and company analysis is most important to investing any business.


I collected the data information of this company from the assigned DSCE office. This data information is important to analysis this company. I have gone through the information of the company very carefully. The closing price ,index of the price ,dividend income, bonus income  and other term also help  to calculate the Financial term easy to calculate and to find out result of this company.

Beside this for making any report most of the data should be taken that reflect actual situation. For our report we have collected various types of primary and secondary data. In a disciplined way we can say that the report input were collected from two sources-

Primary sources:

Face to face conversation with the employees in Dsce office and share their own experience in getting information about this company.

Secondary sources:

1.   This company official web-site

ii. Annual Reports of this company
iii. Prospectus


There are some limitations in every analysis. I have also faced some problems at the time analyzing the performance of this company. The limitations of my analysis are given below:

1. The Annual Reports of this company is not a well report. Some terms are not properly presenting on the report.

2. This companies is a big company  in Bangladesh; but there are some problems in its academicals problem.

3. We can get 20 days in this term paper ; so  we can’t estimate all the things properly because of few times.


From the very beginning of the study we  tried  our  level best of conduct  our term paper with a view to achieve some specific objectives and we have accessed the various financial information to acquire some related information and functioning procedure regarding those company. The goals of our study are given below:-

The objectives of the study are as follows:

1To require knowledge of practical institutional operations and ways of functioning financial information.

2.To get knowledge about the overall  statement process of this company.

3.To get idea about the procedure of investment management.

4.To know about the overall of function of foreign trade.

5.To identify the problem of overall function of this company.

6.To evaluate the performance of the company about stock valuation.

7.Correlation Analysis between various components of the company

8.   We also calculate Correlation Analysis between the various components of the bank.


Any study is not complete without recommendations. The purpose of every study is to find out some problem areas and propose recommendations accordingly. Similarly, this study has found some recommendations, which can help this company to improve their future. Investment.

I have some points to focus which will help this company to improve the efficiency as well as the quality of work. The points are as follows:

  •  Management should set proper planning for its operations of each and every work for the whole company.
  • Management must design the jobs on priority basis.
  • It is necessary to assign required qualified manpower for every job.
  • The proper managerial observation and cooperation are required of this company.
  • Officers engaged in loan section must be careful in choosing parties for providing loan and collecting required documents. At first they must be sure about the recovery of the loan and then arrange necessary steps to provide loan.
  • stock valuation police must be made carefully and top management ensure it that all officers of branches strictly follow them.
  •  Financial department must ensure the security to satisfy its customers demand when they make.
  • This statement also tries to avoid duplication in any case through accuracy and efficiency.
  •  It is required to develop some effective motivational programs to successes their financial statement.
  •  Top management accounting department  must ensure the proper implication of IT in all branches.


This company providing quality services to the customers and  value addition to its shareholders.. The past performance of this company gives an indication of its strength. It is better placed and poised to take its customers through fast changing times.

Business and Banks play a vital role in the economic development of the country. The popularity of the stock valuation has been increasing day by day which leads to increase competition as well. Many company are operating their this business in Bangladesh. But the ways they provide their services are different from each other. So, people choose their company analysis according to their satisfaction and need.

As all the activities those are required to provide valuable services to its customers to make them satisfy, are related with the fund management system, NBL is so much careful about its fund management system.




















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