Types of Selection Test


Selection tests are only part of the selection process and you will still be asked to complete an application form, send in a copy of your resume and attend at least one interview. All of these things will tell the employer something about you and help them to choose the most appropriate candidate for the vacancy position.

Types of selection test:

Different selection test are adopted by different organization depending upon their requirements. These tests are specialized test which have been scientifically tested and hence they are also known as scientific test. Different types of test can be explained with the help of following diagram.

typeAptitude test :-

Aptitude tests are test which assess the potential and ability of a candidate. It enables to find out whether the candidate is suitable for the job. The job may be managerial technical or clerical. The different types of aptitude test are

Mental ability/mental intelligence test :-

This test is used to measure the over all intelligence and  intellectual ability of the candidate to deal with problems. It  judges the decision                   making abilities.

Mechanical aptitude test :- This test deals with the ability of the candidate to do mechanical work. It is used to judge and measure the specialized     knowledge and problem solving ability. It is   used for technical and maintenance staff.

Psycho motor test :-

This test judges the motor skills the hand and eye co-ordination and evaluates the ability to do jobs lie packing,quality testing, quality inspection etc.

Intelligence test :-

This test measures the numerical skills and reasoning   abilities of the candidates. Such abilities become important in  decision making. The test consists of logical reasoning ability, data  interpretation, comprehension skills and basic language skills.

 Personality test :-

In this test the emotional ability or the emotional quotient is tested. This test judges the ability to work in a group, inter personal  skills, ability to understand and handle conflicts and judge motivation levels. This test is becoming very popular now days.

 Performance test :-

This test judges and evaluates the acquired knowledge and experience of the knowledge and experience of the individual and his speed and accuracy in performing a job. It is used to test performance of typist, data entry operators etc.

 Types of selection test

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