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Dynamic Network

Dynamic Network Analysis

Dynamic network analysis is surely an emergent scientific field that includes traditional social network analysis, link investigation, social simulation along with multi-agent systems within network science along with network theory. You can find two aspects in this field. The first is the statis.....

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Discuss on Law of Sines

law of sines

Broad objective of this article is to Discuss on Law of Sines. Here explain Law of Sines with examples. You can use the Law of Cosines discussed within the last section to solve standard triangles, but only within certain conditions. The formulas which is to be developed in this part provide mo.....

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Define and Discuss on Angles


Principle objective of this article is to Define and Discuss on Angles. An angle is usually a measure of rotation. Angles are measured in degrees. One complete rotation is actually measured as 360°. Angle measure could be positive or negative, based on the direction of rotation. The angle measu.....

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Analysis Functions of Acute Angles

functions of acute angles

Basic purpose of this article is to Analysis Functions of Acute Angles. The nain characteristics of similar triangles, originally formulated by Euclid, are the inspiration of trigonometry. Euclid’s theorems state if two angles of one triangle have the same measure as two perspectives of a.....

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Role of Business Mathematics

Role of Business Mathematics

Introduction: The role of mathematics in Business decisions has very important in the process of managerial decision models and algorithms. To turn to the specific aspects of the quantitative decision making process, it is possible to recognize three distinct phases in every decision situation. F.....

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Applications of Mathematics in Business

Mathematics in Business

Introduction Mathematicians, economists, statisticians and others have applied their skills to manage problems for many years. The first concerted and dramatically successful effort in their areas occurred during World War II when specialists were formed into operations analysis groups to assist .....

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Report on Performance Evaluation of First Security Bank Limited from Different Point of View


Retained Earnings: Retained earnings were placed at Tk. 106.14 million for the year 2004 as against Tk. 44.18 million in the previous year 2003. A year wise graphical prese ntation of the same is provided on next page: Year 2001 2002 2003 2004 Retained Earnings Tk. 8.88 million Tk. 11.63 million .....

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Lecture on Business Mathematics Equations


An equation of  the type ax+by+c = 0 is a linear equation. It shows relation between two algebraic expressions with the  sign of equality (=) An equation holds true for particular value or values of the variable/ variables. To find the value of a single variable, only one equation is needed......

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Lecture on Annuity


Suppose, we want to make payment of Tk.5000 each year for 10 years to an account which earns 6 percent interest, compounded annually, and we want to calculate the total amount which will be in the account after 10 payments. This series of periodic payments is called an annuity. The Annuity Calcul.....

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Lecture on Basic Mathematics for Decision Making


Economics growth rate is calculated on the basis of rate of growth, compounded annually i.e. the growth of one year will be the part of the basis for the following year’s growth. The typical pattern of the growth of an expanding economy will be an exponential function of time. Basic Mathematics.....

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Lecture on Differential Calculus

differential calculus

The primary objects of study in differential calculus are the derivative of a function, related notions such as the differential, and their applications. In mathematics, differential calculus is a subfield of calculus concerned with the study of the rates at which quantities change. It is one of .....

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Lecture on Conditions for Maximum and Minimum Values


A maximum value of a function is one that is greater than any values immediately preceding or following. A minimum value of a function is one that is less than any values immediately preceding or following. In mathematics, the maximum and minimum of a function, known collectively as extrema are t.....

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