Analyze Economical Situation in Profitable Sectors in Bangladesh


Analyze Economical Situation in Profitable Sectors in Bangladesh With the development of the civilization every activity of human have become dependent on economic. National Income is one of the importance part of National economic. To  know about countries economical strengths we get to have Id.....

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Economic Methodology


Economic Methodology concerns the principles underlying economic argumentation. It will discuss current economic problems and focus on providing suitable framework to study further various fields of Economics. It emerged as a recognizable field, at the boundaries of economics, philosophy and scie.....

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Law of Demand


Law of Demand actually says that the higher the price, the lower the quantity demanded, because consumers’ opportunity cost to acquire that good or service increases, and they must make more tradeoffs to acquire the more expensive product. It holds in most instances, except in case of Giffen go.....

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Inverse Demand Function


Inverse Demand Function is not the reciprocal of the demand function—the word “inverse” refers to the mathematical concept of an inverse function. It is a function p(q) that maps from a quantity of output to a price in the market; one might model the demand a firm faces by positing .....

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Complementary Good


Complementary Good actually means a good’s demand is increased when the price of another good is decreased. It is a good with a negative cross elasticity of demand, in contrast to a substitute good. If the price of one good falls and people buy more of it, they will usually buy more of the .....

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World Economy


This article actually focus on World Economy, which is considered as the international exchange of goods and services that is expressed in monetary units of account  or money. It refers to all of the economic activity within each country and between countries around the world. It has also become.....

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Transition Economy


Transition Economy is an economy which is changing from a centrally planned economy to a market economy. It is moving from being a controlled economy to being an open economy. Transition economies are involved in a process of moving from a centrally planned economy to a mixed or free market econo.....

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Token Economy


Token Economy is a system for providing positive reinforcement to a child or children by giving them tokens for completing tasks or behaving in desired ways. It is a method of encouraging desirable behavior, especially in a hospital setting, by offering rewards of token money that can be exchange.....

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Plantation Economy


This article talks about Plantation Economy, which is an economy based on agricultural mass production. It continue to reflect the historic legacy with plantation-type enterprises operating in primary, natural resource sectors, such as oil, gas, bauxite, bananas, sugar, and tourism. It share the .....

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Palace Economy


Palace Economy is a system of economic organisation in which wealth flows out from a central source, eventually reaching the common people, who have no other source of income. It is a specific type of redistribution system in which the economic activities of the civilization are conducted on or n.....

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Cash Crop


Cash Crop is a crop that is grown mainly to be sold, rather than used by the people who grew it or those living in the area it is grown. It is typically purchased by parties separate from a farm. It is used to differentiate marketed crops from subsistence crops, which are those fed to […]<.....

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Linder Hypothesis


Linder Hypothesis is a terms of economics, which was proposed by Staffan Linder in 1961. It suggests countries will specialize in the production of certain high quality goods, and will trade these goods with countries that demand these goods. It presents a demand based theory of trade in contrast.....

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