Application for Permission to go on a Study Tour
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Application for Permission to go on a Study Tour

Date: dd/mm/yy


The principal

School Name……


Subject: Prayer for permission to go on a study tour.


We, the student of class…. of your school beg to state that our annual examination is over and now we  pass a free time. So we went to go on a study tour for three days in the capital city, Dhaka. You realize that study tour is intriguing as well as educative. It will extend our learning. It is a part and parcel of our studies. Study tour will widen our vast knowledge. Through his study tour we shall be able to realize what we have read in the books. It will also refresh our mind. Two of our teacher has kindly consented to act as our guide in this tour. This study tour will cost us at least Taka 25 thousand.

We, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to permit us to go on a study tour and sanction the money and oblige thereby.

Obediently yours,

The students of class… of your school

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