Letter to Authorization to Direct Bill for Corporate Company - Assignment Point
Letter to Authorization to Direct Bill for Corporate Company
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Date: dd/mm/yy

Authority Name…


Company name…

Dear Mr./Mrs. XYZ,

(Name of Corporate Company) is usually an honored Company of our corporation, and during this company’s stay at your hotel (or authorized area), you are hereby sanctioned to forward all charges for his stay there to our accounting office. They are pre authorized to promptly approve and pay any invoices out of your hotel (or authorized area). We have placed a credit limit on the account involving (amount) Should this consideration exceed this amount, please contact this office for approval prior to any additional charges.

Thank you in advance for your special consideration of this personal and company’s needs. We hope to make this company’s visit to our company and our own city most enjoyable along with memorable.

Plainly may be of any assistance on this matter, please contact with us as necessary.

Sincerely yours,

Name with designation….

Company name…


Contact no….

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