Letter to Friend about the National Cadet Crops Functions
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My Dear (Friend’s name…),

Cordially accept my friendly salute. I have received your letter yesterday. You have asked me to write down about the N. C. C. of our school. I am describing it below.

There are fifty cadets in our School National Cadet Crops. They are recruited from all the three classes of our school from Class VIII to Class X. There is a trained N.C.C. teacher in our school. He provided efficient training in order to these young cadets. Inside N. C. C period the cadets placed on their uniforms. They parade along the school field. The Government supplies them with N.C.C. dresses and with parade-day tiffin and other necessary things. They supply them with washing-charge of the uniforms. Each of our N. C. C. teacher gets special allowance for organization the N. C. C. in our school. I am also a cadet of our school N. C. C. We are trying our far better make our N. C. C. an ideal one within the whole of our Country.

Beloved Friend, I hope now you can make and idea about how precisely our school N. C. C functions.

Your Loving Friend

Your Name….


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