Assignment on Xampp Installation Process
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XAMPP is a free, cross-platform web server, consisting mainly of the Apache, MySql, PHP and Perl programming languages.


The necessary softwares and tools that are required for Social Networking and Accounted Management System Software are XAMPP, CodeIgniter! Extensions and all are installed and integrated in Windows Platform. Here I will describe the installation process of XAMPP

Installation and Integration of Required Softwares

First we have to download XAMPP-win32-1.6.7-installer.exe from the site (, then we have to follow the following installation procedures:

XAMPP Installation Procedures

• We have to Click the XAMPP installer.

• A window will popup looking like the following Figure 4.2.1.a

XAMPP Installation Screenshot

• We will click next to continue installation.

• A screen looking like the Figure 4.2.1.b will come, where we will select the installation path of the XAMPP and click Next to continue installation.

XAMPP Installation

• A screen looking like the Figure 4.2.1.c will come, where we will select the Apache and MySql to be run as services. Now, Click Next to continue installation.

XAMPP Installation

• Now, the installation process starts like Figure 4.2.1.d and we will wait for the next screen to come.

XAMPP Installation

• In this screen we will see that the XAMPP installation is succeed (Figure 4.2.1.d) We will click Finish to complete the installation.

• When you double-click on the xampp-control.exe file in the xampp directory, Apache and MySQL start up. PHP is launched automatically as an Apache module. XAMPP makes no entries in the Windows Registry and sets no system variables. We can see the XAMPP Control panel as shown in the Figure 4.2.1.f

XAMPP Installation

•  Now, We will open our Internet browser and enter or http://localhost/. If Installation is OK, then we will see the XAMMP start page. Click on the English link and browser will display a page like Figure 4.2.1.g.

XAMPP Installation

In this step, we will download from the site (, then we have to follow the following installation procedures:

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