Low Risk Link Buying
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Low Risk Link Buying  actually scared me that these same wanna-be SEO experts are giving advice to small businesses and various other companies. If you’re looking to buy text links to increase your rankings. Link Buying System on Search Google for various keyword phrases you want to rank for. I write down 50-100 keywords in a spreadsheet in Look through the results for websites and web pages where your link would fit – Verify the potential Link.

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Low Risk Link Buying

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1. Alternatives to Buying Links:

•Syndicate content on other sites
–Builds authority, sends traffic, and flows PageRank
–Give stuff away
–Discounts for certain sectors (big in education)
•Buy competing websites
•Social interacton
•Public relations campaigns
–Pump your publicity
2. Encouraging Organic Links:
•Cumulative advantage
•Regular editorial voice
•Community participation
•Show social proof
•Beautiful site design
•Signs of credibility – about us, etc.
3. Yahoo Directory :
•Pick the best category that you have a chance at listing on
–Want to be in the first 20 results
–Can sponsor category if you are not
4. Business.com Directory:
•Submit a leading guide to Work.com
–Instead of paying recurring, you get
•Free exposure
•Multiple deep links
•Exposure on Work.com too
5. The Directory Purge of 2007:
•Google killed many directories
•Buy in if
–PageRank is where you expect it, and
–Cache dates are recent
–Listing quality decent
•I like niche directories, JoeAnt, & BOTW
–Other small ones too
6. AdWords Ads for Linkbait:
•Create industry leading content for authoritative easy-to-link-at topics
•Buy AdWords for a wide basket of related keywords

 7. Clean bought links:

•Blog about new Google products and wait for to blog about your blog post
•Use Google Checkout – designer portfolio, etc.
•Sponsor events & advertise
•Contests & award programs
•Donate or give stuff away
–Widgets are big
•Affiliate programs
8. Dirty links:
•Try to get links hidden in content or organic looking links lists – without disclosure
•Run really dirty stuff through your affiliate program
9. Thank you!


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