Assignment on Indexing and Hashing
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Indexing and Hashing:

Indexing mechanisms used to speed up access to desired data.E.g., author catalog in library Search Key – attribute or set of attributes used to look up records in a file.An index file consists of records (called index entries) of the form
Index files are typically much smaller than the original file Two basic kinds of indices:
Ordered indices:  search keys are stored in sorted order Hash indices:  search keys are distributed uniformly across “buckets” using a “hash function”.
Index Evaluation Metrics:
Access types supported efficiently.  E.g.,records with a specified value in the attribute or records with an attribute value falling in a specified range of values (e.g.  10000 < salary < 40000)
Access time
Insertion time
Deletion time
Space overhead
Indexing and Hashing

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