Lecture on Tidal Energy

tidal energy

Main purpose of this lecture is to presentation on Tidal Energy. Here explain Tidal Energy in physics perspective. Generally tidal power facilities harness the energy from the rise and fall of tides. This lecture also explain two types of tidal plant facilities, they are Tidal barrages and Tida.....

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Lecture on Plate Tectonics

plate tectonics

Prime purpose of this lecture is to presentation on Plate Tectonics. To understand plate tectonics one must understand the dynamics involving the solid, rigid lithosphere which is floating on a in some measure molten asthenospherse. Plate tectonics can describe matching coastlines of South USA a.....

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Seattle Stormwater Runoff Remediation

stormwater runoff

Major objective of this lecture is to presentation on Seattle Stormwater Runoff Remediation. Storm water runoff could be the flow of water that is not absorbed into the ground, intercepted by vegetation, or maybe evaporated. It flows into surface waters such as rivers, canals, and coast water. .....

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Soil Contamination overview and Case Study

soil contamination

Prime objective of this lecture is to presentation on Soil Contamination overview and Case Study. This lecture generally focus on how soil becomes Contaminated, and discuss on this: Urban runoff, Agricultural runoff, Mining, Industrial Operations, Atmospheric Deposition and Contaminated Groundwa.....

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Lecture on Soil Problems in Africa

soil problems

General objective of this lecture is to presentation on Soil Problems in Africa. Here briefly explain Initial Soil Problems. Tropical regions in general have less fertile soil compared to temperate regions and Geologic parent material is lacking in essential minerals. Humid areas suffer from hig.....

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Lecture on Persian Gulf Oil

persian gulf oil

Major objective of this lecture is to presentation on Persian Gulf Oil. The majority of Persian Gulf Oil Fields are located in the Persian Gulf of Basin. The top five future oil fields on earth all reside in the center East. The Persian Gulf would be the remains of a once larger basin now in fil.....

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Lecture on Oil Sands

oil sands

This lecture focus to presentation on Oil Sands. Here briefly explain what are oil sands, where are they found and how are they extracted. Generally Oil Sands mixture of sand or clay, water and extremely viscous petroleum called bitumin. Often referred to as unconventional oil. This is historic.....

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Presentation on Mitigation and Soil Erosion

soil erosion

Principle objective of this lecture is to presentation on Mitigation and Soil Erosion. Soil Erosion is the natural process of soil being moved from one place and deposited in another and occurs primarily due to wind or water movement or agricultural practices. This presentation also explain on T.....

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Lecture on Minerals


Basic objective of this lecture is to presentation on Minerals. Minerals are the inspiration of rock and the solid earth. All mineral deposits 1. have a certain chemical composition, 2. possess a specific atomic arrangement (crystal form), 3. are generally solid, 4. inorganic and 5. naturally oc.....

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Overdraft of the High Plans Aquifer

high plains aquifer

General purpose of this lecture is to presentation on Overdraft of the High Plans Aquifer. High Plans Aquifer also known as the Ogallala Aquifer. This lecture briefly discuss on High Plans Aquifer system like, occupies an 8-state region in the central United States ans underlies 174,000 square.....

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Lecture on Expansive Soils

expansive soils

General objective of this lecture is to discuss on Expansive Soils. Expansive Soils is also called Vertisol Soils or known as Shrink Swell Soils. This Soil contracts due to its clay minerals and the structure of the clay allowing water to be imbedded in-between the clay layers. The process is re.....

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Lecture on Permafrost


Broad objective of this lecture is to presentation on Permafrost. Here briefly discuss on to define Permafrost and explain some points like Permafrost remains below 0 degrees Celsius continuously for two years and the ‘active layer’ is the overlying surface that freezes in the winter, and th.....

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Lecture on the Blackhawk Landslide

blackhawk landslide

Major objective of this lecture is to presentation on the Blackhawk Landslide, here explain Blackhawk Landslide in American Geological point of view. Mountain is a resistant mass of marble thrust northward over uncemented sandstone as well as weathered gneiss. Striation evidence shows the lands.....

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Coastal Flooding in Bangladesh

coastal flooding

Principle purpose of this lecture is to presentation on Coastal Flooding in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is widely recognized to become a country most affected simply by global climate change. Coastal inundation caused by sea levels rising and extreme coastal flooding could potentially cause saline i.....

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