Assignment on Institute of Public Health-IPH
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Objectives of the Organization:

1.       To investigate epidemics and provides necessary support in their   control.

2.       To help the government of Bangladesh in preventing and controlling different disease.

3.       To upgrade the clinical service.

4.       To control communicable disease

5.       To isolate and identify polio and non polio enteric virus from stool specimen collected from acute flaccid paralysis children (0-15     years)

IPH at a Glance:

Name of the Institution:Institute of public health (IPH)
Location:Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212.
Type of organization:Government
Year of establishment:In 1948, then it was known as school of Tropical Medicine and public Health, situated at old Dhaka. In 1953, it was shifted to Mohakhali and named IPH.
Date of visit:08.07.04


1.       Production of anti-rabies and T.T. vaccine.

2.       Production of blood bag and IV fluid

3.       Drug testing laboratory

4.       Laboratory for testing and quality control of food and water.

5.       IPH has National Polio Lab which is used for virus culture, typing etc. which act as a referral lab.

6.       Has a chemical analysis laboratory which provides support for the detection of poisons in the suspected poisoning cases.

7.       Conducts different postgraduate training course for doctors and  other training on preventive and social medicine for the non-         medical personnal.

8.       Detection of HIV infection.


1.       IPH was awarded gold medal in the preventive sector for the eradication of small pox in the year 1980.

2.       It produces 16 lakh vials of anti-rabies vaccine per year

3.       It introduced Monsur’s media (TTGA)

4.       IPH has set up a national polio laboratory to give support to polio          eradication programme.


1.       Obsolete rules and bylaws are hampering the smooth running of     different unit.

2.       Laboratory equipments are very inadequate

3.       Some of the vaccines are no longer produced as a result of

lack of logistic support.

flaws in the administration

Lack of skilled technician and manpower

4.       Anti serum production has declined due to-

a.       Lack of animal supply

          b.       Human immunoglobulin are in demand now.

Personal observation:

  1. The national polio lab is a reference lab and it is well equipped and it draw attention much than the other sector of the IPH.
  2. Environment of IPH is good but food and water testing department need special care.


The institute of public Health has an appreciable role in improving and maintaining health status of the people with limited facilities. With provision of more financial and logistic support the activities of institute may strengthen the preventive measure used in health sector of the country.

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