Assignment on Upazila Health Complex

Objectives of the Organization:

          To provide the following facilities to the rural population of Dhamrai Upazila through a network of static health facilities and the operational field staffs.

A.      1.       Preventive service

          2.       Promotive Service

          3.       Curative service

          4.       Technical Support

          5.       Training

B.      Act as referral centre for union sub-centre (USC) and family welfare centre.

Resources available in the organization:

(i) Manpower- Consisting of hospital staff, office staff and field staff.

(ii) Monetary fund- govt. allocates Tk. 4.65 lakh per anum to the UHC.

(iii) Logistics- drugs and other materials are available through not sufficient.

Organization at a Glance:

Name of the Institution:Upazila Health complex, Dhamrai
Location:Dhamrai (Islampur), Dhaka
Type of organization:Government
Date of establishment:1991
Date of visit:15.06.04

Activities of the Organizaiton:

1.       Clinical Services:

a)     They provide outdoor based treatment for common disease at free of cost.

b)    They have 31 beds hospital to provide in door service to the admitted patients with 25 beds for general health services and 6 beds for maternal and child health service and family planning.

c)     They provide some laboratory facilities like blood for TC, DC, ESR, HB%, blood factor, sputum for AFB, Aldehyde test, skin smear for leprosy, stool for R/E, urine for R/E.

d)                            In radiological department only plain x-ray is done

e)     Immunization service against 6 EPI diseases and TT to the pregnant mothers is given both at hospital and field level.

Following services regarding family planning are provide at hospital and field level-

i)                   Free distribution of family planning maternal like oral pill and condom.

ii)                Insertion of Cu.T.

iii)              Tubectomy and vesectomy

iv)              MR

v)                Motivating people to take family planning methods antenatal services including referring high risk mothers.

2.       Supportive services:

          Upazila family planning officer (UFPO) is head of this section. The activities are-

i)                   Provision of logistic support

ii)                Planning

iii)              Training of the staff

3.       Field services:

          This section is headed by UHFPO. Under his supervision there are health Inspector (HI), Assistant Health Inspector (AHI) and health Assistant (HA).

Provided services are-

i)                   Health education

ii)                Control of communicable disease

iii)              Distribution of Vitamin-A capsule

iv)              Distribution of oral contraceptive pill (Shukhi) and condom.

v)                Sanitation: Provided by a sanitary Inspector whose function is to supervise the hygienic condition of food and drink, to send suspicious samples to the Institute of Public Health (IPH), Dhaka.

vi)              Co-ordination with NGOs and other health related sector

vii)           Registration of births and deaths

viii)         Immunization of static clinics and out reach centres

ix)              Collection of blood sample from pt’s suffering from prolonged fever to detect material parasite.


          a)       Since the time of establishment they are providing better health services at free of cost for the people of Dhamrai                             upazila.

b)                The local people need not to go district hospital or other centres for the treatment of common minor ailments.

c)                 They are also playing role to aware people in favour of family planning, good sanitation and better quality of life’s.

d)                They are playing a vital role in successfully implementing NID, leprosy elimination, safe water supply (97%) programmes. Now-a-days, our country is maintaining Zero status for polio for the last 4 years in which the Upazila health and family welfare complex has a great role.

Problems :

a)                 Number of beds for admitted patients are inadequate in respect of increasing number of population of the Upazila .

b)                Supply of medicine is inadequate

c)                 Radiological and pathological investigation facilities are also  inadequate.

Personal observation:

          Dhamrai Upazila Health Complex is proving a very qualitative and well organized services to the local population free of cost. Qualified doctors and nurses including other staffs are serving their best for better services. Words are clean. But, radiological and pathological departments should be more up-to-date and well equipped. Adequate machine supply also should be ensure by government.


          Upazila health complex is the only place where the poor people of the area depend for their treatment. So, it should be more modernized and should have ability to accommodate more patients. I hope, if govt. can provide more support to Dhamrai Upazila Health Complex. The local people can live a better quality of life.

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