Merchandising and Marketing in Garment Sector
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Company own of the best supply chain in the Garments industry in the garments industry in Bangladesh. First, it own South China Bleaching and Dying mill & Goldtex Textile. It is one of the premium fabrics supplier in the region. Its well known product quality is second to none in the textile industry. Having  own fabric mill not only reduces the lead time for  production delivery, it also improve its ability in area such as product development and sample making. In addition, it has office in Bangladesh and Hong Kong to assist the source  the right material and accessories.

Here found the following  answer as per questionnaire basic  for some sample to ensure the effective research program.70% of  total Merchandising responses have given  their opinion  to this  answer.


1.What are the  minimum qualification requirements of your company for employees?

Ans:      Floor level-Primary

Supervisory level- Secondary

Engineer level- Vocational /Diploma

Managerial level- Graduate

2.Do the existing employees fulfill the qualification requirement?

Ans: Yes

3.What percentage of your employees  are experienced?

Ans: It is about  80%

4.What is the proportion of your technical and non-technical employees?

Ans:   Technical : Non Technical

6          :           1

5.How the company motivate its employees? what is the nature of motivation?

Ans: To motivate the  worker company provided the following facilities-

-Performance allowance

-Attendance allowance

-Production incentives


-Medical facilities

-Transport facilities

-Group insurance,etc



6.Do the company provide scope to its employees to participate in decision making? What is the impact of participation?

Ans: Yes,  Such as Group meeting, worker representative welfare committee, suggestions Box etc

Its  helps to  ensure better relationship with management  of any employees.

7.Whether company give scope of security for the jobs of employees?.

Ans: Yes, Such as-Provident fund, Group insurance, Gratuity etc.

8.Do the company provide adequate facilities for the health & safety of the employees?

Ans: Yes

9.Is there any promotion policy in the organization ? what  is that? How  the employee are evaluated?

Ans: Yes, Based on performance

10.Do  the company  provide training to the rank and file employees of  the organization, If so, what are these?

Ans: Yes, Health & Safety, Technical Training, Compliance, Product quality development

11. Do the company require any disciplinary action against its employee? if so, what are those?

Ans: Yes, Show case- inquire-warning –Dismiss

12.Does the company follow programs continuously for improving the quality  of production ?Explain.

Ans: Yes,To ensuring better  quality  of product company arranged  pre & post production  program. Total Quality Management(TQM) always  take initiative program   to gain  customer satisfaction  by ensuring of better quality.

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