General Packet Radio Service System

general packet radio service

General packet radio service (GPRS) is a packet oriented cell phone data service around the 2G and 3G cellular communication system’s world wide system for cell phone communications. GPRS usage is typically charged based on amount of data transferred, contrasting with circuit changed data, .....

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Protection Of Right To Privacy

right to privacy

Right to Privacy protection rules regulating police force and national security by using personal information is usually usefully understood within two distinct categories first, substantive roles that limit usage of and usage of information and, second, procedural rules that offer safeguards to .....

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Rule of Law In International Perspective

rule of law

The rule of law can be a concept which underpins the actual constitution of BRITISH and itself supported because of the separation of forces. The rule of law surpasses that of anybody. England the thought of rule of regulation, sometimes expressed like a government of laws and regulations, not of.....

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Supply Chain of Square Pharmaceuticals Company

supply chain

Primary purpose of this assignment is to analysis Supply Chain of Square Pharmaceuticals Company. Supply chain is the Network of firm and business procedure that helps throughout procurements of components transformation of recycleables into intermediate and finish products. Square Pharmaceuti.....

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Hotel Sonargaon

hotel sonargaon

Basic purpose of this assignment is to discuss on Hotel Sonargaon. Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel Dhaka is among the luxury hotels with Bangladesh. It is the matter of proud which our county has this kind of hotel. People are highly satisfied to achieve this job about resort Sonargaon. In their pa.....

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Marketing Concept of Unilever Bangladesh

marketing concept

General objective of this assignment is to analysis Marketing Concept of Unilever Bangladesh. Marketing Concept would be the management philosophy as outlined by which a firm’s goals is usually best achieved as a result of identification and satisfaction in the customers’ stated and.....

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Ensuring Right to Information for the Empowerment

right to information

Right to information means the right to inspection of work, documents, records taking notices extracts or accredited copies of docs or records taking certified examples of material; obtaining information in the form of diskettes, floppies, tapes video cassettes or in a other electronic mode or th.....

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Economic Analysis of Law

economic analysis

Economic analysis regarding legislation searches for in order to response 2 simple concerns regarding legal principles. Such as, the effects regarding legal principles within the actions regarding applicable stars and they are most of these effects regarding legal principles socially desirable. T.....

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Cyber crime in Bangladesh

cyber crime

Current impact involving cyber crime can be not alarming Bangladesh because the financial transactions have not yet been fully facilitated within online. Whenever financial dealings usually are granted on-line computer crimes can increase with an unprecedented rate unless our  government acquire.....

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Constitutional Supremacy Of Bangladesh

constitution supreme

The actual Constitutional supremacy means that the Constitution is supreme in the parliament and this parliament can exercising its functions being only within the bounds of this Constitution. Constitutional supremacy can be performed only where this constitution is written and rigid. This consti.....

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Bill of Lading and Charter Party

bill of lading

Bill of Lading while used herein incorporates conventional bills involving lading, as properly as electronic, communicate and laser bill of lading, marine waybills and many like documents, howsoever produced, covering the Carriage of Goods the following under, whether or not issued towards the Me.....

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Violation of Woman Rights

women rights

In an violent of women rights,which  everyone is usually a victim. your points will support people stand up to help family violence and also make This stop.The female or boy features suffered the various problem like torture, sexual harassment, juvenile delinquency, sexual offence on the family.....

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Dowry problem in Bangladesh

Dowry problem in Bangladesh

Dowry will become first and firmest because ā social challenge. Because though the other problems like Rape, Baby marriage, Murder and Kidnapping are happening in the society, they will not affect as strong because Dowry system offers its influence. Dowry generally speaking perception is meant t.....

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Explain on Books on Law

books on law

There are usually many authentic and trusted sources for books on law but you need to follow certain suggestions as well as considerations pertaining to ensuring your current genuineness associated with such books online. 1st connected with all, That is necessary for you to start your search wit.....

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