Case Study

Audit Procedure: A Case Study on ACNABIN- Chartered Accountants

ACNABIN- Chartered Accountants

Audit Procedure: A Case Study on ACNABIN- Chartered Accountants ACNABIN Chartered Accountants – an independent a member of Baker Tilly International, which is the world’s 8th largest network – as my first experience to professional world. ACNABIN has established a close working rela.....

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Client delivery service in Citibank


Client delivery service in Citibank N.A Experience from SAMBA Queries The Citi group’s financial organization (Citibank, N.A.) is one of the largest banking groups in the world which have vast network all around the world. Citibank, N.A also made a significant impact in our banking sector. Beca.....

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Case Study of Foreign Exchange Division of Southeast Bank

Southeast Bank

Case Study of Foreign Exchange Division of Southeast Bank Limited Banks are profit – earning concern. The word “Bank” refers to the financial institution deals with money transaction. Banks collect deposits at the lowest possible cost and provide loans and advances at higher cost. The.....

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Managing BOE in Citi Bank Bangladesh

managing boe

Managing BOE in Citi Bank Bangladesh Trade is one of the oldest forms of business. People are engaged in trade from thousands of years. Bank has included trade in its service by providing different facilities. They are offering different type of products to make trade more easy and less risky for.....

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Case Study: Personal Computing Banking System to Core Banking System

core banking system

PC (personal Computing) Banking System to Core Banking System (CBS): A case study based on United Commercial Bank In the present, world money is circulated all over the globe. Globalization, technological advances and other factors money is circulating unimaginably. Financial Institutions mainly .....

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Case Study on BRAC’S Innovation in Health

innovation in health

BRAC’S innovation in health: A case study This study document and highlight the success stories of NGOs in health sectors, especially in BRAC health programs. This study is also share the level of commitment and initiatives of BRAC those were useful for brining innovations in health sector......

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Poverty and Climate Change in Urban Bangladesh

climate change

Poverty and Climate Change in Urban Bangladesh (ClimUrb): A Case Study of Motijhorna, Chittagong About BRAC Development Institute (BDI) BRAC Development Institute (BDI) at BRAC University is uniquely placed as a resource center that plays a pivotal role in the promotion of research, provision of .....

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Senior Citizen Health Care and Hospitality Centre

Senior Citizen Health Care

Oboshor: Senior citizen health care and hospitality centre, Sreemangal, Sylhet It’s a matter of sorrow that sometime our senior citizens are not welcome anymore to his/her home for their son/daughter. They can’t feel safe to their house. There are some place here the old people are not alone,.....

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Security Measures of Banking Activates


Security measures of Banking Activates, a case study on The City Bank Limited As a financial institution, Banks are highly secure in general. In our daily banking activities administration people are committed to provide every kind of security matter from employee to customer satisfaction. There .....

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Effectiveness of Motivation Management in Dominous pizza

motivation management

Methodology of the Study Data collection Primary data: We have collected data by survey. Our sample size was 25. We have made a questionnaire then physical conduct with the respondent. Secondary data: We have also gathered secondary data from the handout of the course instructor. Sample size: It .....

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An Approach to Drug Addict Rehabilitation

drug addicted rehabilitation

Abstract No nation on earth is untouched by the effects of drug abuse. The problem has reached such a proportion that it has become a global threat (Tabani). From the impoverished villages where drugs are grown to the modern cities where they are ultimately sold, drugs follow a complex route that.....

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A Case Study of Juvenile Delinquency

juvenile delinquency

Juvenile delinquency is participation in illegal actions by minors who are categorized as a statutory era limit. Most legal methods prescribe specific procedures for handling juveniles, such because juvenile detention centres. There are many different theories on what causes crime, most if not th.....

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