Pitch Process of Asiatic Talkingpoint Limited

pitch process

Talkingpoint Communications Limited- a business unit of Asiatic 360 conducts the communication ways for various firms/products. To win a client’s account they go through a bid process. The information is conducted to them either by a personal call or newspaper advertisement, especially in th.....

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Brand Establishment of Premier Cement Mills

brand establishment

Premier Cement Mills Limited is one of the leading manufacturing cement companies in Bangladesh. Among 120+ Cement Company it has established its brand name at a certain height. World class machine and quality product ensured by BUET test in every three months has give them a strong position i.....

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Retail Banking Model of National Bank Limited

retail banking model

This report is a combination of three months internship program in National Bank Limited. “Bank” a little word but plays a very significant role in each country for the economic development. Even it is become impossible now a day to think about a country’s economical environment excludi.....

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New Frontier of Automated LC System of HSBC Bangladesh

lc system

From the beginning of the civilization the banking sector dominates the economic development of a country by mobilizing the saving from the general people and channeling those saving for investment and thus economic development and growth. To satisfy the demand as well as to improve the commer.....

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Analysis of Service Marketing of United Commercial Bank

service marketing

United Commercial Bank (UCB) is one of the first generation private sector banks in Bangladesh, commenced its commercial operations from mid 1983 and has since been able to establish one of the largest networks of 110 branches in six different districts. United Commercial Bank offers all kinds.....

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SME Activities of Standard Chartered Bank

sme activities

There is a great supportive role of banking system in human society. It plays a vital role for the economic development of a country. The local banking system of Bangladesh is developing their services day by day by following the multinational banks. Standard Chartered Bank is one of multinati.....

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SME Loan Repayment Behavior in BRAC Bank

sme loan

This report aims at providing an overall analysis of the repayment behavior of the SME loan borrowers of BRAC Bank Limited. Before going to the analysis, it is mandatory to know something about the organization, its core products that it offers to its customers; about the SME loan, its classifi.....

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Identifying Brand Repositioning Strategies of Savlon

brand repositioning strategies

For last few years parents are more concern about their children’s health and protection from the germs due to increased pollution in the environment. Taking the advantage of the consumers’ demands, some brands have come to action with antibacterial soaps, promising the complete protection.....

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Customer Satisfaction of BRAC Bank

customer satisfaction

Banking Industry is one of the most auspicious industries of our country. Generally by the word ‘Bank’ we can easily understand that it usually deals with money. There are different types of banks such as; commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank, Industrial Bank, Savings Bank & Exchange Ban.....

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Bank Products Marketing of NCC Bank

bank products marketing

NCC Bank Ltd. has acquired commendable reputation by providing sincere personalized service to its customers in a technology based environment since its inception. The Bank has set up a new standard in financing in the Industrial, Trade and Foreign exchange business. Its various deposit & .....

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General Idea about Investment of Al Arafah Islami Bank


It is great privilege to express our gratitude to our creator Allah for such great opportunity to be in touch with Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited (AIBL) for the following days. We also have to put our heartened feelings and gratitude for the kindness and assistance that was provided to me to co.....

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Foreign Exchange Activities of Mutual Trust Bank

foreign exchange

The report is on the performance evaluation of the foreign exchange activities of Mutual Trust Bank. This is a necessity for the successful completion of the BBA program. The report has been made with the help of MTB officials and some third party sources that are being appropriately cited. A.....

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