Difference between In and Into

The difference between ‘in’ and ‘into’ is whether or not there is movement. Many think that ‘in’ and ‘into’ are interchangeable, while this is not so, because their meanings are very different. The words “in” and “into” are both prepositions, and these terms can be confusing to use for English-language learners and native speakers alike. While we use ‘in’ to talk about the position of the object, ‘into’ is used when we are discussing the destination of the object. While the word ‘in’ can be used as a noun, adjective, adverb, and preposition, ‘into’ can only be used as a preposition.

The word ‘in‘ is used to denote a state when something is enclosed by something else.  ‘In’ is used to describe where someone or something already is. As against, ‘into‘ is used to express motion wherein something comes inside from outside, and then it is enclosed. ‘Into’ is used when something or someone is going or being put into another location.

Difference between In and Into –


  • ‘In’ is used when something is within, i.e. one thing contains another.
  • ‘In’ is used to express a state when the object is or seems to be covered or enclosed by another object.
  • ‘In’ is commonly used when something is in ‘rest’ or not ‘in motion’.
  • ‘In’ is a preposition which means within. It is used to express a state when an object is inside something. In simple words, ‘in’ is used to represent inclusion in a place or an enclosed area.
  • Example: I am living in Dubai. In 1947, India got independence.


  • When someone or something comes from outside to the inside, we use the word ‘into’.
  • ‘Into’, is used to express a movement of the object resulting in the enclosure of that object by a particular area.
  • ‘Into’ is used when something is either moving or transforming.
  • Basically, we use the word ‘into’ when something is moving or in motion, so that it is surrounded by something else, i.e. entering an enclosed space. It is a preposition, which can also be used when an object changes its state.
  • Example: Milk is converted into curd. The child fell into the pothole.