Application of the Doctrine of Legitimate Expectation

The particular Doctrine of Legitimate Expectation is applied across the world in recent times. Here discuss this topic on the view of various countries. Legitimate Expectation has developed in Britain over the last thirty years. The description in the leading cases will show the following situations generate legitimate and lead to the implication of a duty of procedural fairness if a decision is at the discretion of the administrative body. The doctrine of legitimate expectation is well established in India. There is an excellent enforcement of this doctrine in India. The description of the best cases will show that this situations generate legitimate Expectation in India. The doctrine of legitimate expectations has become a 2010 much-discussed topic in Canadian administrative law lately. In the late 1980s as well as the 1990s, in particular, the doctrine was raised by plaintiffs on many occasions, which emerged in a various different legal and social contexts.