Concept of Trafficking Problem

Bang la equivalent in the word trafficking will be pa char. It includes a mild connotation this means transfer from one spot to another. If the term pa char is employed in reference for you to women and little ones in Bang la your phrase nari to shishu pa char signifies illegal transfer regarding women and children in one place to yet another Trafficking problem that is a serious problem and is also considered a violation of human proper rights, is yet to be internalized emotionally by society most importantly in Bangladesh as well as in other South Parts of asia. Trafficking problem in women is among the fastest growing criminal activities on the globe with an estimated one or two million young ladies being trafficked annually when considering forced lab our, domestic servitude, or maybe sexual exploitation. Your International Organization intended for Migration (IOM) quotations that, in 1995, regarding 500, 000 women were trafficked towards the countries of the European union from poorer parts of the world. And so, it is not an issue of developing nations around the world alone.