Different Stages of civil Suit

For better knowledge of the present topic it is better here to discuss the different stages of a civil suit in the short manner. One of the major characteristics of adversarial appropriate system is that civil suit process is really a contest between two celebrations. Bangladesh belongs to adversarial appropriate system and under this technique in civil suit the two parties are the plaintiff similarly and the defendant however. Under this process the court requires a non partisan role as well as the court does not play any role from the inquiry into the functions rather arrange a hearing between your parties to decide from the complex set of rule whether the plaintiff is entitled on the right claimed which the particular defendant denies. In civil proceeding the typical of proof is the balance of probabilities namely far more probably true than fake. Thus if the plaintiff can begin a prim a facile situation before the court and is overtaken by his claim and other parties won’t adduce any evidence inside his defence the courtroom should deliver judgement and is overtaken by plaintiff.