The Doctrine of Legitimate Expectation in Bangladesh

The doctrine of legitimate expectation is usually a new concept in Bangladesh. Inside Bangladesh, the doctrine of genuine expectation is mounting day-to-day. Here I would prefer to analyze this topic upon recent case laws and current situation your country. The phrase legitimate hope was judicial approved by our courts in a number of decisions. The doctrine of legitimate expectation plays a crucial role in the progress of law of judicial evaluation. Legitimate expectation can offer a sufficient interest to enable person who cannot point to the particular existence of substantive right to obtain the leave of the court to make use of for judicial review. Nonetheless the scope of the doctrine in Bangladesh is not clear as a result of dearth of cases and not enough definite pronouncement by the particular court in judgment which are rendered. Whether the court can adopt the UK approach in terms of measuring legitimate expectation with all the ruler of proportionality continues to be an open question.